Emily King, 27, was diagnosed with Stage 3 colon carcinoma at the age of 27. It has now advanced to Stage 4. After 35 rounds of chemotherapy she created Fighting with Hope to send care packages to patients with cancer.

CBS News reported that she has mints for nausea and gum for nausea. She also said Starbursts can be used to wash away the unpleasant taste of chemotherapy.

“Sponsor me, Starburst?” she quipped.

Each box contains about 30 items, and blankets as “hospitals are freezing”. She has shipped over 100 boxes to chemo patients in Houston, Texas like Carrie Spisak, who is also fighting colon carcinoma.

Spisak said that it is helpful to know that someone is thinking of you and is kinda aware of what you are going through.

Each month, approximately 20 packages are delivered. Each package opens a sense community.

King stated, “There are many dark times during cancer.”