The tragedy of the Armavir special forces in Chechnya killed a squad

History 19/02/20 Photo from archive 15 Opentrade of the Armavir special forces in Chechnya killed a squad “Vyatich”

In August 1999, the Wahhabis from Chechnya invaded Dagestan. To repel the offensive of the militants arrived additional units of the Federal forces. Among them – 15-th unit of internal troops “Vyatich”, better known as the Armavir special forces. That he had to take the strategically important heights 715,3. But initially successfully held operation ended in the end almost total loss of the detachment.

a Fatal height

the Details of the capture height 715,3, called the Tower, was developed long ago. It was on a television relay, which operated within almost the whole of the novolak district of Dagestan.

the Plan of operation approved on 9 September 1999, the commander of Russian troops in the Caucasus, Colonel-General Viktor Kazantsev. The staff believed that the area of the height are not more than 50 militants. Combat task was given to the Armavir special forces.

the Operation began at 0 hours 40 minutes 10 September. After passing under the noses of the Wahhabis, who took the commandos for backup, the soldiers of internal troops occupied the heights and began to dig. At 6 a.m. the commander of the commandos, major Yuri Yashin reported to headquarters that the task is successfully completed.

some hours later the “spirits” finally realized that the height of the captured alien. The Wahhabis made their first attack, which was repulsed. Then the terrorists began to pull reinforcements. As later recalled Yashin, they were opposed by about 500 heavily armed thugs.

the Terrorists have settled on is located 200 meters from the TV Tower height and opened fire on the positions of commandos. The latter stormed the heights occupied it but was forced to withdraw with losses due to greatly superior forces of the Wahhabis.

the Defeat of the column

Meanwhile, on the help of the Armavir special forces in the NAPthe Board 715,3 popped column of armored vehicles under the command of Colonel Grigoriy Terentyev. However, the militants prudently organized an ambush along the road, and when the column was involved in the “pocket”, he shot her from two sides. Were killed 14 soldiers of internal troops, many were injured. The group lost nine armored vehicles – armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles.

bleeding Terentyev managed to cause a backup unit. To the rescue of his comrades immediately rushed to the commandos in two APCS. They all died in an unequal battle.

your Orders

after Defeating the convoy, the rebels once again focused on the TV Tower. The commandos defended themselves as best they could. At this very moment, started to happen strange things. Deputy Kazantsev for the internal troops major-General Nikolai Yashin Cherkasenko gives the order to immediately leave the height and to break through the positions of the terrorists to fight.

Yashin does not believe his ears: but in the exploration of even the sergeants know what to retreat the same way it is impossible – the chance of ambush is very large. The commandos over the radio asked for fire support. But Cherkasenko was adamant.


the team made a decision to split up. The first group (55 persons), which was led by Yashin, about 11 am start descent, the second under the command of Colonel Victor Galushkin covered first. And here something happened that all were afraid, – exhausted batteries of communication facilities, communication with the headquarters was lost. The soldiers are unable to report that during the descent they went into the battle with stuck on the slopes of the terrorists.

Cherkasenko calculated the approximate time, you want the forces for the descent, but did not realize that they stayed in combat with the enemy. In the end, the aircraft began to strike missile and bomb strikes on the slopes, where he continued to fight the soldiers of internal troops. The first salvo killed nine commandos, 23 were wounded. And after that the position of Armavir began to iron attack helicopters.

later, in an interview for one of the major Newspapers Yashin brought his versUW incident. According to him, the militants “combed” the airwaves, managed to get to the command frequency and on behalf of the Armavir special forces gave false coordinates for a strike.


the Remains of “Vyatichi” slipped down the slope into the forest. But were waiting for them. The militants attacked from two sides, the forces were too unequal.

the Agony of detachment lasted for several hours. Someone managed to escape, taking with them the wounded, but most were left lying at the foot of the height 715,3. The few survivors either singly or in small groups were able to get to the location of the Federal troops.

the Loss of the Armavir special forces was enormous: from the ill-fated height has not returned 80 soldiers, including 11 killed by “friendly” fire of his own aircraft. The militants missed 70 people.

late the 715,3 was discovered the mutilated bodies of the commandos. Fighters were severely wounded and mocked already dead.

the Court

the Defendant in a criminal case were only major-General Nikolai Cherkasenko that developed the plan of a fatal operation. He was found guilty under article 293 of the criminal code “Negligence”.

However, in October 2000, he was amnestied in honor of the 55th anniversary of the victory in the great Patriotic war. The real punishment he suffered.

Ivan Proshkin

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