The environment, They themselves were not only a vast, green sea of algae along the French coastline in Brittany, and can even be fatal. In early July, two men died, may be because they have come into contact with the toxic fumes from rotting seaweed. Six of the Brittany beaches, this summer, as a precaution, closed down.

“we’ll be in for a few seconds, killing it”, says André Ollivro, as he was not far from his bungalow, with a sea view on the bay of Saint-Brieuc, are the mask. “You can’t be too careful,” said the 74-year-old gastechnieker to do it. He goes for weeks for a war against the “killerslib” on the French coast, as The Guardian calls it. He will measure the gas readings with the device.

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toxic green algae have been coming since the early 70’s in la for that. “It is our great promise, but the problem is still there,” says Ollivro. “It’s a shame that this place is associated with death. Ollivro remember that he, as a 16-year-old, along with his uncle, and with the beautiful scenery of the bay, and was able to set sail. “You saw was not a build-up of seaweed.”

Today, however, with potentially dangerous consequences. As for the sea, algae and rot, as there is hydrogen sulfide, a poisonous gas that in high doses can be fatal, and the smell of rotten eggs, spread it. Victims may lose consciousness and have a heart-attack to get it.