The successful leaders of Siberia will meet at the conference

it is not Easy now have business owners and leaders. They have the responsibility for the company, for employees, for their own financial situation. Determined and ambitious will have to be transformed, and not to expect a return to the past.

“Formula business #Online” is the pump heads and the necessary skills in the conditions of high turbulence. The event for those who care about tomorrow.

well-Known experts Mr marinovich and Alexey Urvantsev will share anti-crisis measures to restore the business. Participants will also meet with the HeadHunter, Bitrix24, “Gelnica” and other interesting practices in Russia.

Speakers give concrete advice and practical experience that managers can apply to their work:

how to pull sales to the previous level and add 30% to the old indices.
how to become a many-armed leader and to understand all 150 objectives of the company;
what resources will attract customers with minimal investment.
legal advice: how not to run into fines and to obtain support from the state;
the anti-crisis measures: why a crisis is a time for growth of the company.

When? may 21 at 12:00 local time.
Online, in the comfort for the participants in the setting.
what does it cost?
Free managers.

How can I participate in online conferences?

Now you just need to register and wait for a confirmation of registration and the day of the event to get a reference to the connection.

This is not just another event for the sake of anti-crisis theme. Speakers from large companies was found to help businesses to weather a difficult phase. To participate in the online conference only managers and business owners.