The secret daughter of Lawrence Beria: what happened to her

Biography 22/12/19 secret daughter of Lawrence Beria: what happened to her

for anybody not a secret that Lavrenti Beria was not indifferent to the opposite sex. The result of one of the love Affairs people’s Commissar was giving birth to an illegitimate daughter. This fact does not cause doubts among most historians, as about the daughter of laurenty mentioned many of his contemporaries. Even Sergo Beria, who denied numerous novels of his father, admitted possessing half-sisters.

the mother of the illegitimate daughter of people’s Commissar

Sergo Beria, in his book “My father’s Commissar Beria” wrote one woman, who identified himself as his father’s mistress, just wanted to earn it. However, the presence of at least one extramarital Affairs Lavrentiy Sergo did not deny. Beriah, Jr., argued that even saw a girl that he met Commissar. According to Sergei Lavrent’evich, she was about 20 years old, and she had behaved modestly enough. However, the name of the passion of his father, he never called. However, many biographers, including Andrey Karaulov, the author of the book “Russian hell”, claiming that it was none other than Lala (Valentina) Drozdov.

Although, as Peter says Balaev in the publication “L. P. Beria and the Central Committee” with reference to relevant court documents, Beria was accused of raping a young Drozdova, he 7 may 1949 fraudulently lured to his mansion. After the incident, the Commissar, according to the materials of the case, threatened the most Lyalya and her mother if they’ll challenge him. However, Beria himself the fact of violence over the girl denied. Anyway the next 4 years Lavrenti Beria cohabited with Valentina Drozdova.

the Mystery with multiple names

the Result of this connection, and was the birth of the illegitimate daughter of a Commissar. It is noteworthy that in his secret Lavrenti Beria brought his son Sergo. If you believe Alex Gromov, author of the book “the people’s Commissar Beria. The villain development,” LauraNTI Pavlovich asked Sergo to remember that he has a sister and to help her. In addition, Beria told his son not to break the news to mother. Nina teymurazovna died, haven’t learned. But the daughter Beria was known to everyone else. So, Sukhomlinov refers to the words of Martha Peshkova. On the illegitimate child of a Commissar, mentioned in his memoir “love and sorrow” and Nami Mikoyan.

But if in the presence of Lavrenty Pavlovich daughter of a no doubt, the girl’s name caused confusion. Us Mikoyan claimed that Beria had called her Martha in honor of his mother. Leo MA in his book “Lavrenty Beria. All known unknowns” reports about the version according to which the daughter of Beria’s name was Lyudmila. The famous historian Nikolai Zenkovich in his book “The secret family” placed the daughter of people’s Commissar under the name Eteri. But Sergo Beria, who probably knew the name of his half-sister, preferred on this account to remain silent.

Family and profession Martha

meanwhile, Sergei Lavrent’evich shed light on the fate of Martha-Eteri-Ludmila. According to Beria, Jr., when his sister grew up, she liked Alexander Grishin, the son of a Politburo member. This fact is mentioned in the publication “State dachas on the black sea coast of the Caucasus. Recently declassified documents…” and Andrey Artamonov. And Nicholas Zenkovich in his book, describes a similar history. Grishin, the senior knew that Mar – the daughter of Beriah, therefore, came to consult about the marriage of the son to Leonid Brezhnev. “And what does this have to do with your son?” asked Brezhnev.

So that the marriage did take place. However, the couple briefly lived together. Alexander Grishin was the rector of the Moscow state Academy of instrument engineering and Informatics. Apparently, Martha Beria was also close to this area. At least the grandson of Nikita Khrushchev claimed that she was trained to work on the prototypes of modern computers Martha Lavrentieva (LeMA “Lavrenty Beria. All known unknowns”). How did the lives of the illegitimate daughter of a Commissar in subsequent years is unknown. She, apparently, prefer and prefer still to remain silent.

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