Biography 25/01/20 “Second Poddubny”: what killed the famous wrestler Ivan Yarygin

in the childhood of Ivan Yarygin called “second Poddubny”. And, of course, not only because he had the same name and different same red hair color as a legendary fighter. Indeed, the strength of both of them was not to occupy. However, Poddubny died of a heart attack at his fairly advanced age, but life Yarygin ended shortly before his 50th anniversary.

“the Second Poddubny” on the gates

Ivan Sergeyevich Yarygin was born in 1948 in the Kemerovo region. If you believe Gregory Simkin, author of the book “From the Sayans to Taimyr,” in one of his interviews Yarygin was recognized that the career of the wrestler he is up to a certain point even thought of. He, like many boys of those years, was more interested in football. Ivan, as the largest, all the time put on the gate. For powerful to become, and for the red hair and the name of the comrades nicknamed him “the second Poddubny”. It was during football battles Yarygin and noticed the coach on free-style wrestling Vladimir Charkov. It happened on courses DOSAAF, where Ivan received the military occupation of the driver, and in free from study hours with classmates often chasing the ball.

However, with Surkovym Yarygin quickly broke up. The course was finished and he went to give back to the Motherland. And the coach failed to persuade his ward not to abandon professional sports: Ivan somehow did not believe in the success of this venture. Only in the army a “second Poddubny” realized that he shouldn’t have given up on Charkova hand. Yarygin with great success was performed at the army competitions and simply could not be ignored. Soon, as stated in the publication “Sport. World achievements,” edited by Eugenia Ghica, Ivan Yarygin took under his wing trainer Krasnoyarsk Dmitry Mindiashvili. Since then, and began climbing to the tops of the Yarygin sports.

Sports career

If you believe the authors of the publication “Sports in the workplace,” N. Ryashentseva, V. Karpov and A. Ivanitsky, the path that most athletes are over 10 years, Ivan Yarygin took only 3-4 years. He debuted in the USSR championship in 1970 and absolutely deservedly received the title of champion. However, a year later Yarygin lost from Kiev to Vladimir Gaudino, but at the European championship again performed brilliantly. Thanks to Ivan Sergeevich became part of the Olympic team. In 1972, in the Munich Soviet fighter won a clear victory in all seven bouts. Moreover, according to Gennady Herman and other authors of the publication “Olympic education”, Yarygin spent on all the matches in less time than was necessary for just one fight.

However, after the Munich Olympics, fortune turned against the athlete. He still managed to take gold at the world Championships, but then failures followed one after another. The situation is exacerbated by the fact that the Yarygin was very upset by the failures and it prevented him from how to gather and tune in to the fight. Losing in 1975, another world championship, Ivan Sergeyevich went to his native land, where he engaged in that has always loved fishing. Hunting Yarygin do not complain too: once he shot the beast, and long suffered for this reason. Rest, the fighter came back and won that fate owed him money: “gold” the European championship and the world title.

the death of the President of Federation of wrestling

But eventually age took its toll and Ivan Yarygin had to leave the wrestling Mat. According to Fedor Razzakov in his book “Light of extinct stars. People who are always with us,” Yarygin was appointed coach of the national team. In the 12 years that Ivan Sergeyevich was in office, the Soviet athletes have collected a huge “crop” of gold medals, including Olympic medals. When the Soviet Union collapsed, fell apart and the team. However, Yarygin without work remained: in 1992, he became President of the wrestling Federation of Russia. Subsequently, the “second Poddubny” was to take the post of PResident of the International wrestling Federation.

When the assignment remained a few months, Ivan Yarygin passed away. In the fall of 1997 he was vacationing with his wife in Kislovodsk. But, despite the holiday, Yarygin could not miss the wrestling tournament of memory of Ali Aliyev which was held in Makhachkala. That’s where Ivan Sergeyevich went. He promised his wife to return as soon as possible, but most of Natalia alive husband have not seen. Yarygin died on the way back from Makhachkala to Kislovodsk. The driver lost control and the car left on the roadside, which at the time was a truck ZIL. Ivan Yarygin died in the hospital in a few hours. A little over a year he did not live to see its 50th anniversary.

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