The pair threw Peter for flower business in Siberia. In a pandemic, their revenue jumped twice

Anastasia Lyamina and Dmitry Voevodin native of Novosibirsk. Many years ago, they moved to Saint Petersburg. She studied floristry, and he was preparing for the opening of your cafe or restaurant. Once she had invited Dima to help invited florists, who were engaged in registration of weddings. In the end he was so taken with the process that he, too, decided to become a florist. They decided to open a flower shop in Petersburg, but after one trip to Novosibirsk outplayed the plans and revealed it here. However, it is called Sadovaya, 105, as the street in St. Petersburg, where lived Nastya and Dima. With him from St. Petersburg, they brought their dog — a sheltie named Ozzy, which is engaged in attraction of clients. Journalist NGS Maria Tishchenko found out what they were attracted to the flowers, they are not counted in your business plan, why did you choose this format and what words of encouragement people send to each other with the flowers during a pandemic.