The Ministry of health responded to complaints from doctors. Consider how much money and needs to work with COVID-19

After the morning publication of the NHS with stories from doctors about how they explain the lack of Putin’s allowances for the coronavirus, the regional Ministry of health responded to the most frequent questions — who are the providers and how much money should get, and where to complain in Novosibirsk, if instead of the promised thousands of payroll card dropped a penny amount. Publishing this information.

Who will receive the payment in full?

Incentive payments for providing care to patients with COVID-19 lists the physicians on the basis of two documents — the decree of the RF Government of April 12, 2020 No. 484 and Ordinance of the Government dated 15 may 2020 No. 678. They get medical staff inpatient units and field ambulances, formed in accordance with the interim order, the approved order of Ministry of health of Russia from March 19, 2020 No. 198н.