Travel To Greenwich Pier in London, on Saturday, the first of the Ultimate World Cruise,” went on the cruisebedrijf of Viking Cruises for a tour of the 245-day through 6 continents, 51 countries, and 111 for the signal. If the vessel is effective to 245 days at sea, stays, breaks, and the company has set a new record for the longest ononderbrokenpassagierscruise.

The voyage of eight months, including stops in Scandinavia, the Caribbean, South America, and the islands in the south Pacific, Australia, Asia, and the Mediterranean Sea. Highlights of the cruisebedrijf Viking Cruises – which was founded in 1997 by a Norwegian billionaire, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to Ushuaia, in Argentina, Hobart in Australia, in Ho Chi Minh city in Vietnam and Mumbai in India and Luxor, Egypt. During the ride, spend the night, the passenger in the 23 cities and towns.

Associated with such exclusive travel, exclusive price tag, according to CNN, the cost of the trip, at least, 92.990, the $ 84.941 euros per person for a business class, formula, food, and sightseeing tours in each city, which is full of.

The trip is being carried out by the ship, the Viking Sun, which is 227 feet long and 465 of the rooms with a balcony, the one that counts. The ship also has ten restaurants, a spa, a swimming pool, a panoramic lounge area, and libraries, and there are also a number of concerts are on the agenda.