The last person who insulted Stalin: why he had nothing

Biography 27/12/19 the Last person who insulted Stalin: why he had nothing

the commander of the red army Joseph Apanasenko now rarely mentioned, even though his death deserves attention – he was one of the 4 generals of the Soviet army who died in the great Patriotic war. The most famous episode in the career of Apanasenko, what happened in 1941. The General, who had a reputation as a “tyrant”, allowed himself a rude outburst towards himself to Joseph Stalin.

In October 1941, a 51-year-old commander of the far Eastern front, Joseph Apanasenko received the invitation to arrive to Moscow on the carpet to the Supreme commander. The General could not know that for a few months before Stalin brought the accusation. The first Secretary of the Khabarovsk territorial Committee of the party Gennady Borkov has complained to the chief that the company could not find a common language with one of the members of the Military Council of the front, ostensibly considering themselves a sovereign “owner” of the Far East. Also the regional head of the accused commander in “narcissism, bordering on tyranny”, of roughness and unevenness, and gave examples of abuse Apanasenko. After receiving such a message, Stalin was probably set in relation to the General very cautious, though, and answered Borkowo that “Apanasenko good soldier”, surpassing their predecessors.

the Conversation in the Kremlin turned out to be difficult. A witness to the conversation was just Borkov, who arrived along with Apanasenko. It is attributed to the regional Committee to the Secretary of the colorful story about the meeting, and placed in the book of Fyodor Morgun “before the fireworks”. The main topic of discussion was the transfer to Moscow of the far East parts (who went down in history as the “Siberian divisions”). Apanasenko didn’t mind this, but when talking about sending anti-tank guns, General literally jumped out of my chair. However, he tossed it aside, standing before him with a glass of tea.

“You what? What are you doing?! Fuck your mother-of peretak! And if the Japanese attack, than I will defend the far East? These stripes?!” he shouted Stalin. Responsible for his words, Apanasenko was ready to be shot, what once said. At this point, Borkov, by his own admission, “froze” — he immediately imagined it with the General taken to the Lubyanka, the people Beria.

meanwhile, Apanasenko could understand. The situation in the far East remained difficult. Although Japan had signed with the Soviet Union neutrality Pact, against the German offensive policy of the Country of the rising sun could change at any time. Apanasenko remembered well the battles at lake Khasan in 1938, when the loss of the Soviet Union was more than the Japanese, and the complete victory over the soldiers of the Mikado to not speak. Contrary to expectations, Stalin listened to the words of his namesake.

“calm down, Calm down, comrade Apanasenko! Needless to worry about those cannons? Keep them”, — said the peace-loving “father of Nations”. Perhaps the explanation of this fact lies not only in the rationality of the views of the General. Stalin himself often mistreated by people and could have psychological reasons to sympathize with those who behaved in a similar way.

Dissatisfied with the heavy management style Apanasenko far Eastern officials, a few years scribbled denunciations on him. Among the charges was frankly ridiculous – the fact that the company is allegedly planning to separate the far East from the Soviet Union and become “king”. However, the career of the Manager is not prevented. The General has distinguished himself as an energetic organizer of the defense. So he remained in the far East until, until it became clear that the Japanese attack are excluded. In 1943 Stalin ordered him a new task, already on the German front.

“Tell me who I have confided in you, huh? Well, tell me! I will not tell! Because nobody”, — assured the leader of the company before the appointment to West (cited in the book by Boris Sokolov “Secrets of WWII”). So General came in last toLINEST Deputy commander of the Voronezh front. We can assume that it was waiting for the pursuit of Marshal and possibly high-ranking officials in Moscow. However, the life of Stalin’s “favorite” 5 August 1943 near Belgorod Kursk broke off a shard of fascist bombs.

Timur Sagdiyev

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