Of course, Wolfgang Kubicki is now getting something behind his ears when it comes to Gerhard Schröder. Then he says it’s enough, the former chancellor shouldn’t be humiliated. That was after the Bundestag stripped him of his privileges and he was hired out by Russian energy giant Rosneft.

Now Free Democrat Kubicki is good per se for open words and shitstorms. He knows that, so he calculates. But sometimes one has to do it: think the other’s thoughts and speak them out. Because that, in turn, can be good for self-assurance.

And what Kubicki obviously wants to address is: Because we can’t get Vladimir Putin, but want to pin our mistakes on someone, we take his governor, paladin, lobbyists. The thesis is of course open to challenge.

Nevertheless, bashing Schröder is also free courage. The sack is hit where the donkey is meant. Then: Schröder is moving away from Putin. Who he thought was really his friend. This is tragic, a humiliation of its own kind.

Lastly, Schröder was chancellor, after all, constantly belittling him devalues ​​everything he ever stood for. So, is there anything wrong with all this? You can say so, of course. And yet an unpleasant feeling can creep up on you. Here one is lying on the ground and is kicked further. The former chancellor has long been pariah enough.