The battle at lake Zhalanashkol: the Chinese attacked the Soviet Union

History 16/01/20 battle near the lake Zhalanashkol: the Chinese attacked the Soviet Union

As to provocations on the Sino-Soviet, to this operation, the Maoists had prepared ahead of time.

the Rate of Mao on the confrontation with the Soviet Union

One of the important components of the course leader of China Mao Zedong on the building of the totalitarian state became hegemonic and militarist hysteria. Mao launched the Chinese revanchist sentiments towards all neighbouring States, especially to the Soviet Union. This is despite the fact that in 1946-1960 gg. of the USSR annually spending 1 % of its GDP on direct financial aid to China.
According to estimates by the Norwegian researcher Arne odd Westad, during this time, the Soviet Union gave China 3.4 billion us dollars (in prices of 1960), not counting the assistance of their professionals, also pipe line from the Soviet budget. The Soviet Union learned (on his head) 9 thousand officers of the people’s liberation army of China only in their military schools and some number in China itself.
When it became clear that the Soviet Union no longer intends to pay for the leftist experiment of Mao Zedong, he launched a furious propaganda, accusing the Soviet leadership of “revisionism” and of betraying the cause of socialism, in collusion with “American imperialism”. Since 1964, systematic border provocations by China. In some cases, participated in them, the Chinese troops. Soviet border guards eliminated such incidents without the use of firearms, sometimes deployed real melee in which there were dead and wounded on both sides.

Preparing for China’s provocations

the scale of the violation of the border by the Chinese was growing. 30 April 1965, the USSR Council of Ministers issued a resolution on strengthening the protection of the state border with China in the far East. However, the provocation was not only the far Eastern section of the Sino-Soviet border. 4 February 1967 the Central Committee of the CPSU and the Council of MiniMinisters Ministers of the USSR adopted a secret resolution on strengthening of protection of the entire state border with China. According to him, deployed a new compound of the border troops in the far East, in Transbaikalia, Kazakhstan and Central Asia.
of Provocation was arranged by the Chinese on the border, where, according to Chinese data, the border went to a legitimate Chinese territory. Indeed, the boundaries established in the late XIX century, were not precisely demarcated, and in its definition there are discrepancies between the parties. So, on the Amur and Ussuri Soviet Union (after the Russian Empire) spur of the moment, proclaimed their sovereignty over all the Islands, lying behind the main navigable fairway closer to the Chinese coast. Differently interpreted the border in the desert and mountainous areas of Kazakhstan and Central Asia, where there were accurate reference points, and often accurate maps.
In March 1969 there was a major Sino-Soviet border incident (Sino-Soviet) with hundreds of dead on both sides. Although the Chinese were eventually rebuffed, the Maoists in Beijing was not going to calm down. The site of the attacks was chosen Kazakh border.

the Incident in Dulat without blood

on 2 may 1969, in the district of Druzhba station on the site of the frontier Dulat a group of Chinese soldiers under the cover of transhumance of sheep herds crossed the border and occupied several heights in Soviet territory. The Chinese were filming, and one of the Chinese shouted to the Soviet border: “This is not the island! We are in their territory!” Command ordered a small Outpost not to engage in conflict and limited supervision.
In the following days, both sides built up their forces, pulling armored vehicles and artillery. The incident was peacefully completed on may 18 departure of the Chinese from the occupied territories.

Violators eliminated in 45 minutes

in may 1969, the extraordinary activity of Chinese continuously sadirova the Soviet side, was also noted at the site near lake Zhalanashkol, hthe path is to the North of the previous one. 12 August, it was discovered the movement of large Chinese forces to the border. The commander of the Eastern border district of the USSR, Lieutenant-General Merkulov ordered the Outpost Zhalanashkol on high alert. And time.
Before dawn, a detachment of Chinese troops crossed the border and occupied two heights (Right and Stone) on Soviet territory. The military cameramen accompanied the Agency “Xinhua”.
At dawn to the heights has been a detachment of Soviet border guards in Armored personnel carriers under the command of the head of the Outpost, Lieutenant Dialect. Through the loudspeaker he asked the offenders to leave the Soviet territory. The Chinese fired at the squad.
the head of the Outpost decided to expel offenders without waiting for reinforcements. Therefore, the conflict took on the character of combat infantry units, in which the Soviet side was not technical advantages. Guards stormed in forehead height, where the entrenched Chinese.
the Skillful actions of the Soviet border guards led to the rapid success. Lieutenant Beams cut off at the APC the Chinese way to retreat, and after his APC was hit, I moved into another car and continued to fight. Ordinary Dulepov and Ryazanov (who managed to throw grenades enemy shooters) were killed.
In 45 minutes the fight was over. Twenty Chinese were killed, one captured, others managed to escape to China. On the Soviet side, in addition to these fatalities, 13 people were injured.
About the battle of lake Galanskoj at that time even vaguely not mentioned the Soviet media. The decree on awarding distinguished themselves in battle were published by the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR in may 1970 and up to 90-ies. remained a secret.

the Settlement of border issues

I Should say that, as in the far East, all disputed areas in the Kazakhstan segment of the Sino-Soviet border, Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev in 1991 was recognized as belonging to China. The final demarcation of this segment, in accordance with the Soviet-Chinesem agreement, was conducted in the period of Kazakhstan’s independence President Nursultan Nazarbayev.
the heights at Zhalanashkol that in 1969 there was a fight, now within the PRC. As the Islands on the Amur and Ussuri rivers.

Yaroslav Butakov

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