The approach of the menopause, cancer of the brain, pumping money — 8 facts about IVF: myths and real risks

Ruthless medical statistics shows annual growth in the number of couples, who for various reasons are unable to become parents naturally. In this regard, become more relevant IVF, ICSI and other assisted reproductive technologies. More recently, to afford these procedures could only be the elites, and today they are available for almost everyone. However, not all childless couples are rushing to take advantage of the advances of medicine, largely due to the huge number of myths and misconceptions around this topic.

And this helped the doctor — Natalia Voronova, obstetrician-gynecologist, a leading specialist of the Department of assistive reproductive technology, “Clinics Pasman”.

Myth 1. Stimulation of ovulation is depleting the ovarian reserve and closer to climax.

In fact, if the reserve is initially normal, the stimulation of ovulation does not affect ovarian reserve and is completely harmless. Stimulation of ovulation depletes the ovarian reserve in that case, if he’s already exhausted, or affected by repeated stimulation, if there were a few in a row.

If the doctor acts wisely, in the framework of the Protocol that shows the specific patient with her original hormonal status, this process thins ovarian reserve.

Myth 2. This is a “terrible hormonal stimulation”, is fraught with hormonal imbalance or abrupt.

In fact: “terrible drive” a long time not appointed. Today, doctors prescribe a mild stimulation, which is adjusted individually to each patient, in accordance with its original hormones. If the specialist acts in accordance with modern international standards, understand what makes it “terrible hormonal stimulation” is excluded.

Myth 3. ECO causes brain cancer. How many stars have suffered from this!

In fact: evidence of the relationship between IVF and the occurrence of brain cancer is not. Brain cancer is not caused hormonallyOh by the stimulation. The only thing that is described in a more or less serious research is the relationship between IVF and cancer of hormone-dependent organs: breast, thyroid and endometrium after repeated and unjustified stimulation or complications. These are cases when a person has a genetic predisposition, which can be realized under the action of unreasonable or repeated stimulation. She and the IVF could be realized under the action of other factors.

to avoid such risks, there are tests for sex and other tumor markers. In addition, we conduct a full examination of the patient, including ultrasound breast and other organs. If by ultrasound in the breast found any education, fibroadenoma of the breast is required to appoint an LP. Patient details examined before entry into the IVF Protocol, to exclude all possible risks.

Myth 4. Among children born as a result of IVF, the percentage of patients more, as well as the risk of birth defects in them.

actually it is not. There is evidence that in the ICSI the risk of a few more, but, first, we can make a diagnosis of the embryo prior to transfer, and plant is obviously healthy embryo. Secondly, if pregnancy is carried out full screening for chromosomal abnormalities. And how many (thousands of) kids we already have, and they are all ordinary, normal children.

the Risk of birth defects among infertile couples is really a bit higher, but there is no convincing data that this is due to the IVF procedure, but not with the age of the couple, causes of infertility, previous treatment, concomitant diseases, Smoking, environment, etc.

In the United States conducted a large-scale study, according to which the frequency of congenital abnormalities is almost not increased when we took into account all the risk factors of the CDF (age of parents, health status, Smoking, alcohol consumption, ecology, etc.).

Myth 5. ECO to do not before 40-50 years, and if you offer early, just want to make money! Try to 50 years, and if you did not work on their own, resort to IVF.

In fact, it is definitely wrong. If there are indications for IVF, the sooner the patient comes in, the more chances of a favorable outcome, the better the quantity and quality of oocytes and embryos. The delay time does not improve the situation and in fact may worsen the outcome. To 40-50 years may not be any follicles in women or sperm cells in men. If there are indications for IVF, the sooner you apply, the better.

Myth 6. Doctors just don’t want to be treated, it is more profitable to do IVF.

In fact, a fundamentally different approach. Definitely provides diagnosis and treatment, and, if it is possible to obtain pregnancy in a natural way, doctors must use every chance to get it without IVF. By intrauterine insemination or by natural means of pregnancy. And only if all options tried, resort to IVF.

Myth 7. ECO — risky.

In fact, it is important to understand that risk is always there and everywhere. Zero risk does not happen. And a normal, natural pregnancy — it is also a number of risks. And ECO also has its risks. Is the risk of hyperstimulation — but we have them for a very long time was: if you act in accordance with modern international standards, it is excluded; it is the risk of bleeding; the risk of multiple pregnancy and her miscarriage; the main risks and complications that exist in any pregnancy. But we is kept to an absolute minimum and for a long time it is not.

Myth 8. IVF endless?

In fact, if it will work the first time? How many attempts? Is it even possible? Pull it we financial is the most common questions my patients. To give a General answer for all how many attempts will it take impossible. Someone immediately someone a few attempts. The result depends on age, baseline health of men and women, its ovarian, endometrial need to watch each couple individually, to examine, and then you can make a prediction. After the examination, each patient talking about what she can expect. For example, if she “tube factor” (impassable tiles), no comorbidities, it is young, say you have a good chance getting ready and doing IVF.

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