The AfD will appeal against the constitutional protection judgment of the administrative court in Cologne. This was decided by the AfD federal board, as a party spokesman confirmed on Wednesday.

On March 8, the court ruled that the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution classified the AfD as a suspected case in the area of ​​right-wing extremism and was therefore allowed to monitor the entire party. There is “sufficient factual evidence of anti-constitutional efforts within the party,” the court reasoned.

The AfD board sees the classification as a suspected case as “unjustified in every respect”, which is why the party will fight back “with all means”, the party spokesman said on request. The written justification for the judgment had “shown several times that the judges’ reasoning was incomprehensible,” the spokesman continued.

First, the “world” reported on the board’s decision to appeal. The written judgment was received by those involved on May 3rd, and an appeal must be lodged by June 3rd. The Higher Administrative Court for the state of North Rhine-Westphalia is responsible. The appeal must be justified within a further month.