The 90s will never return: the teenagers lived at the end of the last century — we read the inscriptions on the walls

Looking at what discoveries historians make about the lives of our ancestors, it is impossible not to think what conclusions they would make about us. However, we often joke about it and not think seriously. But the 1990s would seem to have been quite recently, and a whole generation has grown up and can hardly imagine living without social networks and to be connected around the clock. And anyway, the big question is, what material will be able to tell future generations about our life: what we’re sad, rejoice with what we love. But part of Novosibirsk Teens of the last century you can learn a lot from the inscriptions on the walls of the transition under the Red prospectus. Now the transition is closed for renovations. Soon labels will disappear, remaining only in the pictures the photographer NGS and memories of those who did.