Than Vladimir Vysotsky surprised the organizers of his concerts

Biography 31/12/19 Than Vladimir Vysotsky surprised the organizers of his concerts

As is known, Vladimir Vysotsky during the life became a real star. A full house gathered not only the performances with his participation, and pop concerts. Despite the fact that Vysotsky was not too demanding and once even addressed the audience directly in the forest, he was often charged to the organizers of the clear requirements. Conditions statements are always stipulated Vysotsky before going on stage.

About the pragmatism of Vladimir Vysotsky in his lifetime were real legends. If you believe the author of the book “Vladimir Vysotsky and Marina Vlady. Bard and French”, Fedor Razzakov, as well as given in the edition of the words of David Karapetyan, being in an alcohol intoxication, Vysotsky invariably turned into a shirt guy, but when sober was a rational businessman.

due To the fact that the bard, at least, sober, thought through each step to chance, he always stipulated the conditions of their concerts with the organizers in advance. For example, Vladimir Semenovich often asked to pay him money before the performance, not after. On the pages of his book “Russian music in exile” Maxim krawczynski quoted the famous actor Boris Sichkin. He claimed that Vysotsky was one of the few who failed to deceive impresario Victor Shulman. Shulman, at that time living in the United States, complained to colleagues that the bard constantly requires a fee along.

the organizers of the concerts of Vladimir Vysotsky in the Leningrad YOU (the all-Union aluminum-magnesium Institute), the artist is also remembered for a practical man. According to the author of the book “the Secret tour. Leningrad biography of Vladimir Vysotsky”, the lion Godovannik, the bard then put two conditions. First, the actor demanded that he be provided a copy of his speech. Vysotsky knew that many viewers secretly recorded his songs on tape, while he himself such, almost not there.

second, Vladimir Semenovich asked one of the organizers, Edward L. Kreinin, to give him an American ballpoint pen “young”, which he was holding at this point in the hand. Vysotsky claimed that he collects such things. It is worth noting that the actor Valery Zolotukhin in his book “the Secret Vysotsky” mentioned the passion of the bard. According to Zolotukhin, Vysotsky loved these things: lighters, keychains, pens, cigarette cases, belts, cutlasses, tapes. These, as expressed Zolotukhin, “items pocket life” Vladimir Semenovich valued to shiver.

However, apart from such innocent Hobbies, I was at Vysotsky’s addictions and serious. For anybody not a secret that Vladimir Semenovich often abused alcoholic drinks. However, the touring, he never stops. As he wrote in his book “Vysotsky and Vlady. Through time and distance” Marina Nemirovsky, earning the artist loved and knew how. Many of the organizers of the event noticed that sometimes on Vysotsky was not the face of fatigue. However, the artist knew about it no worse than others. And therefore, according to Nemirovsky, Vladimir Semenovich sometimes requested before going on stage a separate room where he could sleep.

it is Clear that not always in the clubs and other establishments where events were held, there were “rooms” with all amenities. But Vysotsky was never confused. He could lie down right on the Desk in the office one of the employees and, having enclosed under a head the books off to sleep. Vladimir Semenovich was only asked to the room in which he was going to have to rest was locked, but the main thing is that no one was disturbed.

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