Weapons 14/12/19 mil.git-90 “Vladimir”: what’s wrong with the main tank of the Russian army

the T-90 is quite a controversial machine. If the representatives of the Russian defense industry insist on its procurement, the military leaders have questioned the appropriateness of using the tank. Each party has its truth.

among the competitors

the Russian medium tank T-90 (“Vladimir”) is a modernized version of the Soviet T-72 and, according to experts, similar in many characteristics with other examples of Soviet voenproma – T-64 and T-80. According to the American magazine The National Interest, the T-90 is among the top tanks of the world, dividing the palm with the American M1 Abrams, the German “Leopard 2”, the Israeli “Merkava-4” and the British “Challenger-2”.

Among the advantages of T-90 experts say the capability to fire guided projectiles complex “Reflex-M”, which penetrate 700-mm armor at a distance of several kilometers, and there are also mounted on the tank complex optical-electronic suppression “Blind”. The latter is able to confuse the trajectory started at T-90 radio controlled missile. Also “Blind” with the release of aerosol grenades are designed to disorient the laser guidance system of the enemy.

the T-90 most low rise in comparison with foreign counterparts, making it less vulnerable and more modest weight and size, allowing you easily transport the tank on railway platforms General purpose. The machine has a multi-cannon-proof protection, which, according to experts, is equivalent to cast the armor thickness of more than half a meter. In addition, the “Vladimir” in comparison with competitors better able to overcome water obstacles.

Military analyst Konstantin Sivkov recognizes a number of weaknesses in the domestic armored vehicles, in particular notices that German “Leopard 2” is superior to T-90 at chaSTI controls fire and observation, and uses more powerful ammunition. However, according to experts, it compensates for the 125-mm gun of T-90, while the Leopard is equipped with a 120 mm barrel.

Despite the obvious advantages of T-90, the Russian military found a lot of critical reviews in our tank. So, back in 2011 during a speech in the Federation Council, the Commander of land forces, Colonel-General Alexander Postnikov, gave an assessment of the main battle tank of the Russian army. The warlord recalled that T-90 is the 17th modification of the Soviet T-72, this means that the technique does not correspond to the last samples of NATO and even China.

in addition, according to Postnikov, the defence industry produces not just competitive products but also expensive: the money you could buy three “Leopard” – said the General. According to various estimates, the T-90 costs our army from 72 to 118 million rubles. A former tank commander, Colonel Victor murakhovski, the negative evaluation of the T-90 by Postnikovy strongly disagree. In his opinion, such comments are either malicious intent or incompetence.

However, in 2011 the Russian defense Ministry announced the termination of the procurement of T-90 produced by Uralvagonzavod. According to the military, much cheaper than they would cost modernization of T-72 tanks, which are now in service with the Russian army of about 10 thousand.

Until recently the T-90 was among the samples of domestic weapons that were exported. Among buyers of Russian technology – India, Algeria, Syria, Iraq. However, after the economic crisis, experts Express doubts about the future performance of contractual obligations by Algeria. Possible problems with the supply of T-90 in India. In Delhi intended to form by 2020 35 tank regiments, composed solely of T-90. However, criticisms of the Indian military to the Russian machine can break these PLAnam.

in 2005, defense Minister of India, Pranab of Mukerji, announced to Parliament that the results of tank tests Indian-made Arjun had outdone the Russian machine, and recommended to abandon the purchase of T-90. In Moscow this turn of events did not agree, noting that the Indian military engaged in blatant lobbying of local defense industry. In the end, “Rosoboronexport” failed to convince Delhi to sign a new contract to supply a large batch of T-90.

However, the claims of Russian technology continued. Indian military complained that the equipment of the tank FCS in conditions of high temperature often goes down, which it can use only in night-time. This feature of the T-90 was the emergence of the nickname “moth”.

it Should be noted that the nearest competitors of the T-90 in terms of price/quality are Ukrainian T-84 “Oplot” and the Chinese VT1A. Kiev in the 1990s was able to establish the supply of equipment to Pakistan, and Beijing was able to win the Moroccan market.

the Disadvantages, which do not hide the

Problem with T-90 too obvious to not to notice them. They undoubtedly affect the efficiency of combat use of the machine. So, many samples of the T-90 does not have the air-conditioning system: in the Russian reality this is not given much importance, but if the machine is operated, for example, in Syria, to fight in 50-degree heat without cooling system is extremely difficult.

A Russian military complain about the location of fuel tanks in the same space with the crew. “The feeling is like being in a cage, on a powder keg, ready to explode”, – shares his thoughts one of the tankers. The chief designer of Uralvagonzavod, V. M., Nevolin recognizes that the proximity of the ammunition and the fuel tank is fraught with fire, so the development of modern armored vehicles, he said, should go towards the division, and fuel and ammunition.

General dithe rector of the Uralvagonzavod Oleg Sienko also critical of their products. He drew attention to the level of convenience in T-90. “Will you come on the show in a foreign tank, sit as if not in the Mercedes, to Volkswagen. In our climb – well, just artery something sticking out everywhere”, – said Sienko.

As a consequence of a limited level of comfort of the crew – the problems that arise when shooting during tank movement on uneven terrain. The targeting is also affected by the suspension, which with a large resistance of hydraulic shock absorbers is not conducive to smoothness. Tankers noted that the alleged sighting range T-90 feathered projectiles up to 5 km untrue. In their opinion, the optimal distance to hit a target no more than 1.5 kilometers, and then – “sparrows”.

Experts note that the Russian defense industry has lost the technology of manufacturing high-quality tank guns. For this reason, the gun of T-90 can not boast of any ballistics or durability. In addition, the online gun of the Russian tank does not exceed 450 shots, while Western models it reaches 900 shots. In the case of using guided missiles resource of guns T-90 may be reduced to 50 launches.

Among the other shortcomings of T-90 tanks pay attention to a hypothetical emergency situation in which the instrument can be inclined to the center: in this case, the only way out for the driver – through the tower, in terms of the threat of explosion of ammunition is fraught with delay and almost imminent death.

Low profile T-90 is not only a virtue, but a weakness. Flattened the tower allows the gun to have a big gradation of angles: if the foreign analogues angles ranging between -10 and +20 degrees, in the domestic car – from -5 to +15.

Vulnerable point of the T-90 is its engine. At temperatures above 34 degrees it begins to rapidly lose its power (according to some estimates, up to 30%) as the main energy expensesbecomes on cooling. A big challenge for mechanics is to replace the engine T-90, which can take up to two days. For comparison, a similar operation in “Leopard” takes no more than 2 hours.

According to experts, that the T-90 failed to bring to the level of the best samples of foreign armored vehicles is to blame, both military and officials relating to the purchase of weapons. Member of the Expert Council of the Military-industrial Commission of the Russian Federation, Viktor murakhovski, said that the Ministry of defence obviously does not come clear and coherent assignments for the defence industry.

Representatives of Uralvagonzavod declare that the necessary improvements T-90 on paper is produced, in particular, the upgraded model will appear hydrostatic transmission, a new fire control system and the removal of the ammunition in a separate armored capsule. But all this will be implemented as soon as the company receives the money from the sale of a new batch of T-90. At this point among the potential customers of T-90 includes India, Kuwait and Egypt.

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