The Frankfurt public Prosecutor’s office and the Federal criminal police office to search the Deutsche Bank. Basic laundering investigation on suspicion of money, informed the Prosecutor’s office in Frankfurt. About 170 officials of the public Prosecutor, the Federal criminal police office, the tax police and the Federal police were looking for since the Morning six objects in Frankfurt am Main, Eschborn and GroƟ-Umstadt.

the target of The investigation himself, according to the two 50 – and 46-year-old employee, as well as other as-yet-unidentified company officials. According to an evaluation of the Federal office of criminal investigation present data of the so-called Offshore-Leaks and Panama Papers have arisen from the suspicion that the German Bank was a customer in the establishment of Offshore companies in tax havens and money from crime and on the accounts of Deutsche Bank were transferred without the Bank’s Money refunded intelligence. A belonging to the group company registered in the British virgin Islands want to be alone in the year 2016, more than 900 customers with a business volume of EUR 311 million care.

the Deutsche Bank was initially no opinion.