After years of discussion, the state parliament passed the law with the majority of the red-black-green government factions, which stipulates a minimum distance of 1000 meters for wind turbines to residential buildings. “The further expansion of wind energy is only possible if a minimum distance is maintained,” said CDU MP Nicole Walter-Mundt in the debate on Wednesday. “We have set a minimum distance of 1000 meters in the coalition agreement and this is now being implemented. Point.”

The opposition factions rejected the law unanimously. The AfD MP Daniel Münschke criticized that it was “as full of holes as a Swiss cheese” because of numerous exceptions. The minimum distance does not apply to properties that are used for leisure purposes.

In addition, the coalition wants to deviate from the minimum distance if this collides with the federal government’s expansion goals for renewable energies. In this way, wind turbines would continue to be built without a minimum distance, said Münschke. The state government is trying to fool the citizens with this law in order to force the expansion of wind power.

CDU faction leader Jan Redmann replied that the federal government’s expansion targets of up to 2.4 percent of the state area in Brandenburg could also be achieved with the minimum distance.

“There are enough potential areas in the state for this,” said Redmann. “We do not need to make use of this opening clause.”

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With their majority, the government factions also passed a motion for a resolution on the expansion of renewable energies. According to this, at least 11.5 gigawatts instead of the previous 10.5 gigawatts should be produced from wind energy by 2030.