Stalin who settled in Chechnya after the deportation of the Chechens

History 16/01/20 Stalin Who settled in Chechnya after the deportation of the Chechens

In the twentieth century for 13 years on the territory of modern Chechnya and Dagestan existed Grozny region – formally Russian region, where, however, did not hurry to move the Slavs.


Upon liquidation of the Chechen-Ingush Autonomous Soviet socialist Republic Ingushetia included mainly in the composition of North Ossetia, and Chechnya was divided into two parts. The southern, mountainous part, was ceded to the Georgian SSR (Chaljawski district), and the North became part of the newly created Grozny oblast. A new administrative entity also received former territory of the Dagestan ASSR, inhabited by Russian and Nogai, including a wide strip of the Caspian coast. Officially, the region appeared on the map of March 22, 1944 – just 2 weeks after the end of the operation “Chechevitsa” (as in the documents of the NKVD was called the eviction of the Chechens and Ingush).

the colonization of the villages

the Property left after the eviction of the mountaineers, it was not particularly tasty morsel, as was mainly in rural areas. In addition, in some areas, when the deportation was destroyed to 75% of homes. In the former Chechen villages that received new names, first brought from Grozny, Russian. Also in the spring of 1944 under the order moved to the city about 7 thousand families from the Stavropol region. They managed to occupy 20 of the 42 villages left. Later in the Grozny region came Russian farmers of the Central Russia, sometimes forcibly. From 1947 to 1951 the population of the region increased by 4 thousands of Russian and Ukrainian families. Many of the immigrants agreed to live in the Caucasus since lost their homes during the German occupation.

statistics show that industry, especially oil, in these years, indeed rapidly developing. However, the population of rural areas are not able to recover until the early 50-ies. Plans Shiwide development of viticulture have been frustrated, like the Chechen land was unfriendly to the settlers.

“Having a chance to become mostly Slavic composition in a region, the Grozny region did not become attractive dream for disadvantaged and bloodless masses from Central Russia and other war-torn regions” — stated the modern Chechen historians, Tamara Elbuzdukayev and ayzan sugaipova.

the Demographic situation is somewhat leveled 50 thousand settlers from mountainous Dagestan. But some villages were empty until the return of the former owners.

where dwelt the Russians, at the behest of party authorities have destroyed the cultural heritage of the Vainakh. It got to the blasphemy – graves with Muslim cemeteries were paved roads. Ancient mountain peoples were seized from museums. However, not all Russian willingly participated in the vandalism. For example, the leadership of the national library was able to secretly retain a few hundred volumes on the Chechen, Ingush and Arabic.

the Elimination of area

the Death of the “father of the peoples” and the subsequent political changes spurred rumors about the upcoming return of the Chechens. Nevertheless, the regional Committee of the party, it seems, to the last hoped that this can be avoided. Published in 1955, the reference book authored by Sergey Shiryaev, “the Grozny region”, the Chechens are mentioned only as people, which in the past fought the Terek and Greben Cossacks. The period of existence of the Chechen-Ingush Republic and the fate of the highlanders in the book are not affected, like the Vainakh peoples were extinct ancient tribe. The Grozny region was described as eternal and unchanging reality. But in 1957 it was abolished.

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