Spitak earthquake: was it man-made

History 19/01/20 Photo: LoMitЗемлетрясение in Spitak has been man-made

the Spitak earthquake of 1988, which killed at least 25 thousand people, briefly rallied the peoples of the USSR. The second plan has receded even inflames the Karabakh conflict, Azerbaijan has provided assistance to Armenia, along with other republics. However, immediately after the earthquake there was a version of “seismic Armenian genocide” on the part of the Union center.

“We did not expect such consequences”

the fact that the disaster in Spitak could be man-made, talking in 1988. Periodically this topic and are now raising journalists and bloggers in Yerevan. According to this version, Moscow has experienced in Armenia, a tectonic weapon of untold power. One of the tasks of the military, perhaps, was the fact that Armenians, shocked by the tragedy, I forgot about territorial disputes with Azerbaijan. Thus was strengthened the integrity of the Soviet Union.

as a key evidence is the fact that in the summer-autumn 1988, the Ministry of defense evacuated from landfills under the Spitak and Kirovakan military equipment. Command structure of these military units had been granted leave and they went to Russia. In addition to the Armenians, I heard rumors about the upcoming “the big test” — it is whispered among the members of the families of the Soviet military. And after the earthquake soldiers inexplicably cordoned off the vacant lot near the village of Nalband where the soil fell to 3-4 meters. Presumably, it was here that the vacuum produced by a nuclear explosion in a karst cave, equal to the energy power 10 “normal” atomic bombs.

“confession” is considered the words of the Minister of foreign Affairs of the USSR Edward Shevardnadze in his interview to the foreign media dropped the following phrase: “We do not expect that the earthquake will be catastrophic”. In February 1988 the same Sewerdaze during a visit to Japan mentioned that the Soviet Union has “four types of geophysical bombs.”

Another version directly blames the Spitak earthquake in Azerbaijani geologists who had allegedly developed a “method of remote effects on the hearth of earthquakes”, and with her help was able to shift the epicenter of the tremors on the territory of Armenia.


supporters of the traditional version I think that the myth about testing a tectonic weapon was artificially created in the late 1980-ies, to stir separatist sentiments in Armenia.

the Soviet leadership, even if it is planned to test a seismic weapon, there was no reason to jeopardize the densely populated territory in North-Western Armenia, where 300 communities. The economic situation of the country is not allowed to burden the budget expenditure on the rehabilitation of housing for half a million people.

According to geologist-Geophysics Gregory Shechtman, the mechanisms by which the foci of earthquakes through explosions in the USSR actually worked, but not for the purpose of provoking of natural disasters and to prevent them.

“the Rumors that the Spitak earthquake in 1987 was supposedly “arranged” Azerbaijan and Moscow seismologists with the aim of harming Armenia, are pure fiction,” — says scientist (quoted from article in “Nezavisimaya Gazeta”).

it is Worth noting that the earthquake in the affected area before were not uncommon. For example, in 1926 there was a terrible Leninakan earthquake 300 dead. The poor seismic resistance of buildings in these areas is not due to malicious intent, and the traditional thievery of Soviet construction, which the habit of “saving” building materials.

anyway, Armenia, blamed the troubles of the Soviet Union, probably lost from its decay, than I won. Existing all-Union plans for the reconstruction of Spitak and the surrounding area by 1993 and was not implemented. Even today, 30 years after the tragedy, hundreds of families from rural areas live in makeshift houses. To allocate housing latest victims of the earthquake in Armenia expect in 2020.

Timur Sagdiyev

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