Sophia Frunze: the fate of the wife of the famous revolutionary

Another 05/01/20 Sophia Frunze: the fate of the wife of the famous revolutionary

the Mysterious death of Mikhail Frunze still not haunted by many historians. According to the official version, Frunze died after surgery for stomach ulcers. However, no less tragic was the fate and family of a revolutionary. Wife Frunze died a few months after him and his two children took to her Kliment Voroshilov.

Familiarity and family life

If you believe Boris Chetverikov, the author of the book “Kotovsky,” Sophia Alekseevna Popova and Mikhail Frunze met in Chita statistics, where both worked. However, Frunze was then on the run and was listed in the said institution under the name “Vasilenko”. Despite the secrecy, the affair was quite ordinary: a pair of lovers went to the theatre and illusion, and had fun at the dance. Soon, however, Popova and Frunze still had to leave: police on the trail of a revolutionary, and he had to go to Moscow. This time with documents in the name Mikhailov. Subsequently, Popov came to Frunze to the front. At that moment, Mikhail was appointed chief of the Minsk police, therefore without special problems has given my wife a new passport. So Sophia Alekseevna Popova became Mikhailova-Frunze.

in the Autumn of 1917 the couple moved to Ivanovo region, city of Shuya. According to Nikolay Zenkovich in his book “the Most secret relatives” spouses lived in Shuya is not easy, however, as all. So, for Breakfast Sophie and Michael were content with bread and boiling water with saccharin. A slice of horse meat or Carlo felt for the occasion. But even this did not last long. Soon Frunze went to the front. The Sophia can’t bear the separation and followed him. Most of the time she spent in the train of the commander. Despite this lifestyle, Popova Frunze gave birth to a daughter Tatiana. And when the Civil war lawsNiles, the light appeared and the son of Timur.

the Death of his wife Frunze

Seemingly, then, the life of the family Frunze finally settled. However, all crossed the sudden death of Mikhail Vasilyevich. As the authors of the publication “Leon Trotsky. Opposition. 1923-1929”, Yuri Felshtinsky and Cherniavsky George, the captain died as a result of surgery for stomach ulcers. Felshtinsky and Cherniavsky reported that no need for surgical intervention was not, but Frunze was forced to go under the knife, because on this issue the Politburo has taken a decision. If you believe the historical-biographical dictionary “Around Stalin,” under the authorship torchinova Valery and Alexei Leontica, Sophia A. was convinced that her husband was killed, but because he chose to kill himself.

However, there are other versions of her death. For example, the same Valery am and Alex Leontyuk assume that Sophia died of typhus. And Nicholas Zenkovich says that Popov has long suffered from tuberculosis. According to Zenkovich, the status of Sophia Alexeevna was so deplorable that even the coffin of her husband was carried on a stretcher. Here and Semyon Budyonny in his memoirs, “the Red Army in the Civil war” mentions some severe illness of his wife Frunze. As told Budyonny, the New 1925 Mikhail told him, “I’m Afraid for Sophia. As if the disaster happened…”. That meant Frunze, Semyon Mikhailovich did not elaborate.

the fate of the children

anyway, a year after the death of Mikhail Frunze, the Sophia also died. Then their daughter Tatiana was only 8 years old, and Timur is about 3. the Care of them fell on the shoulders of the mother Frunze Maura Efimovna. However, the elderly woman is also constantly sick, and care for her grandchildren was not easy. It was noticed by Kliment Voroshilov, who often visited orphaned Tatiana and Timur. If you believe Budyonny, once Voroshilov told him that he wanted to take the children to her. Budyonny thought it was solvedie the only true and soon a son and a daughter moved to Frunze, Voroshilov. Leonid Mlechin writes in his book “the Russian army between Trotsky and Stalin,” Voroshilov took care of them as their own, and called gently frusinate.

Subsequently, Tatiana graduated from the Frunze Military Academy, and during the great Patriotic war, he worked in a tank factory. After the victory of Tatyana Mikhailovna received another diploma from the Institute named after Mendeleev. She became a Professor and doctorate in chemistry. But Timur Frunze was not able to celebrate a single day of Victory. He chose the profession of a pilot and was killed in aerial combat in 1942. He was posthumously awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union.

Yulia Popova

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