Some Soviet actors killed in the film

Another 05/01/20 Eugene Urbancincy Soviet actors died during the filming of the movie

the set of the film, like any production facility — a place of danger, where the artist sometimes has to risk his life. One of the most famous cases of death by shooting was the death in 2002 of the actor and Director Sergey Bodrov, trapped under ice avalanche in the Karmadon gorge. The tragedy of this kind happened in the Soviet cinema.

Inna Buruchenko

Ukrainian actress, Inna Buruchenko died in 1960 at the age of 21 from burns received during the filming. In the film “Flower in stone” her character, a Komsomol member, had to bear the banner of fire Barak. But the construction was too fragile and fell on the girl. To jump from the falling beams of Buruchenko did not, as the heel of her Shoe got stuck between the floor boards. More than two weeks, the actress, whose burned 78% of the skin was in the hospital of Donetsk, but doctors ‘ efforts failed.

Some saw the incident with Buruchenko as heavenly retribution, since previously she became famous for the role in the cash movie anti-religious “Ivanna” who looked 30 million viewers. There were rumors that the Pope had betrayed the tape to anathema. The court found the Director of “Flower on stone” Anatoly Slesarenko responsible for the death of the actress, and he spent 2 years in prison.

Alexander Checefsky

In 1963 in the village of Keila-Joa in Estonia fell under the wheels of a train and died actor Alexander Cecelski. The tragedy happened during the filming of the film Gregory Kozintsev “hamlet”. The viewer 58-year-old actor “Lenfilm” was known for the films “Thirteen” by Mikhail Romm, “lone White sail” Vladimir Legoshin, “Miners” Sergei Yutkevich and others.

Eugene Urbanski

glory to the actor Yevgeny Urbanska roles in the films “Communist” and “clear sky”. The latest work of a favorite Soviet women was the picture of Director Alexey saltycowa. The shooting took place in Kyzylkum desert near Bukhara.

November 5, 1965 filmed a scene in which a car was supposed to fly up on the sand dune, as on the trampoline and then land on the wheels. Eugene Urbanski never used the services of doubles, so ran the machine himself. In addition, the actor was a real perfectionist. Deciding that images are no good, Urban wanted to do another take. But the car overturned, and hit the driver broke a cervical vertebra. The actor died on the way to the hospital. Later, the wife of the Dzidra Urbanski of Rittenberg recalled that he seemed to have had a premonition of his death. Once, when the actor was left alone, he even thought that he died. And looking from a helicopter on the dune, which was to jump, Urban said that it was his grave.

“So you fell in the wilderness, Eugene, as the winner, not the victim. And as far obliquely stretched hand to perfection — an unattainable bliss, grabbing fingers of sand…,” wrote Yevgeny Yevtushenko in his poem “the Ballad of excellence”, dedicated to the memory of Urban.

Mikaela Drozdovskaya

Actress Mikaela Drozdovskaya, unlike the ina, Buruchenko had time to play much more roles. However, their deaths were similar. In November 1978, 41-year-old drozdowski came to the shooting in the town of Ordzhonikidze. While other members of the crew were in the city, the actress slept in an unheated house, including heating lighting spotlights. When ignited the quilt, drozdowski couldn’t get out because of carbon monoxide poisoning. She was badly burned feet, and after a week of torment, the actress died in a Moscow hospital. The audience remembered Drozdowski as the wife of the victim Papishvili in “Mimino”, a milliner from “Run”, and Mary from the film “Let complaint book”.

Yuri Gusev

the Latest victims of the shootings in the Soviet period, the actor was Yuri Gusev. He played more than a hundred paintings, including such famous the series as “vechnyy Zov” (the role of Peter Zubov) and “Long road to dunes”. January 19, 1991 in Tashkent, where he starred in another film, the 54-year-old actor had a nasty fall. Hitting his head Gusev received a fracture of the base of the skull and instantly died.

Timur Sagdiyev

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