Some foreign weapons used by Russian special forces

Weapons 10/01/20 Some foreign weapons used by Russian special forces

In 2015, according to the Stockholm Institute for peace studies (SIPRI), Russia is the last time I bought foreign weapons – several aircraft and ships. And the L-410 Turbolet was taken from the Czech Republic for training pilots, and three pre-owned boats purchased for the delivery of military supplies to Syria. Since then, other countries had not taken any gun – at least on the official state level.

nonetheless from the watchful eyes of journalists, acknowledging that in some very exceptional cases – and not just anywhere, but in the Russian special forces foreign weapons still in use, although the trend of import substitution in the stronger army, wherever it was.

When individuality is important

According to the website of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation, small arms in the army are 15 samples. It is well-known Makarov pistol, as well as alternative him “rook” and “Gyurza”, and Kalashnikov machine guns “Pecheneg”, sniper rifle Dragunov and Vintorez””, grenade launcher “Flame” and RPG-7, of course, AK-74 and others. In a short time in the army may have finally fully appear and AK-12.

All of this staff weapon. With conventional AK-74 ordinary soldiers of the armed forces and Regardie go to the guard, are on combat duty and trained Ratna case. Such machines are passed from hand to hand, from generation to generation and from call to call and generally do not differ from each other.

Quite different things are in elite units, such as “alpha”, “Vympel” or, for example, the special operations Forces (SSO). Here the men have a space for creativity – they can choose what kind of reflex sight – Russian or American – installed on your AK, decide whether you need to machine additional handle Israeli-made and need makelanny France laser designator. And in some cases – whether to use all the AK?

In numerous reports about the MTR staff who took part in operations in Syria, observers repeatedly noticed that the soldiers use Russian and foreign weapons, but every time is a deeply modernized under the specific tasks. So, in April of 2019, the network appeared the picture “pumped” AK-74M one of the commandos. As writes Lenta, the weapon was installed retractable stock and trim shop American firm Magpul, developed in the USA multi-function designator AN/PEQ-15, red dot sight Aimpoint CompM4s, pistol grip G47 Israeli CAA tactical grip-bipod T-POD G2 FAB Defense from Israel, the muzzle brake-compensator “Bulgarian”, as well as domestic components — the forearm B-10 and arm overcharge RP-1 from “Zenith”.

later, in July, users found the footage from the competition, which took place on the occasion of the 45 anniversary of the “alpha” that some members of elite units of the tssn FSB also prefer foreign weapons. For example, one of the soldiers used by the German rifle NC-417 and the other – between the “Glock-17” and “rook” gave preference to the Austrian pistol: the foreign, the sample was placed on his hip, where it is easier to get, while domestic – under his arm. As explained by experts, the location chosen in case one of the guns is failing. And, unfortunately, the “rook” with the army controversial reputation, was not a priority.

Freedom commandos in the choice of weapons is understandable, because for professionals it is bread, and the confidence it affects their lives. So, when selecting equipment, they are likely to be guided not by patriotism, but the quality and convenience of products. It is worth considering that the vast majority of cases, members of the special forces are forced to “man up” at his own expense.

Often they have dokupats, in particular, the elements of protection and clothing. In many pictures from Syria MTR staff dressed in American camouflage colors MultiCam and use a field form, produced by the firm, Propper is one of the suppliers of the U.S. Army. This outfit is one of the best, but in Russia now there are decent analogues. And, importantly, manufacturers are willing to adjust their products to meet the needs of soldiers.

a Similar situation – with body armor. For the employees of the elite units often don’t fit the bulky chest plate, so they prefer modular ballistic systems. So far, the most popular manufacturer of such products – American Crye Precision. But there is something to meet the competition and the Russian firm “the RAID” – now the division MTR buy their system in droves.

Weak spot

Harder just to compete with foreign counterparts on the domestic electronics. Headphones, cameras, night vision devices – all inconspicuous, but very important in the work of professional fighters devices. And while it is recognized that the specialists give preference to foreign models. For example, special forces prefer headphones with active hearing protector by the American company 3M, instead of the regular GSS-1.

Another significant work of the special units thing is the drones. More recently, the American military publication The National Interest has come to the conclusion that Russian special forces lags far behind the American level of technical equipment. The first such conclusion was made due to the fact that our troops, according to observers, the media, lacking the shock drones, whereas the Americans have in abundance reconnaissance and strike vehicles MQ-Predator and MQ-Reaper.

Indeed, until recently, the “shortage” of drones was one of the sore points of the Russian army. In particular, their absence greatly affected the course of the Georgian-Ossetian conflict, which is even called the first war drones. And, of course, is the influencelo on the actions of special operations Forces – because they are primarily engaged in bringing aviation and exploration.

Not surprisingly, one of the last foreign purchases of Russia in the arms market were the drones: from tel Aviv, Moscow in the period of 2009-2014 was bought eight of average intelligence device I-View-150 and 12 aircraft UAV. However, since our country made a qualitative leap in this direction.

Purchased from Israel’s drones was the prototype for the development of Russian UAV “Outpost”. Active work on creation of a heavy attack unit type “Eagle” in August last year he made his first flight. Completed work on a secondary reconnaissance aircraft “Le Corsaire” – for five years is scheduled to begin its delivery into the Armed forces.

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