Soldiers of what nationality most were killed during the war

History 13/02/20 Soldiers what nationality most were killed during the war

for the First time the total number of victims among Soviet citizens in world war II called the magazine “Bolshevik,” published in February 1946, a figure of 7 million people. A month later, the same figure cited by Stalin in an interview with the newspaper “Pravda”.

In 1961, at the end of the post-war census, Khrushchev voiced the corrected data. “Can we sit idly by and wait for a replay of 1941, when the German militarists launched a war against the Soviet Union, which claimed twenty million lives of Soviet people?” – wrote Soviet Secretary-General to the Prime Minister of Sweden, Fridtjof Erlander.

In 1965 on the 20th anniversary of the victory of the new Soviet leader Brezhnev said: “Such a brutal war, which moved the Soviet Union had not fallen to the lot of any people. The war claimed over twenty million lives of Soviet people.”

However, all of these calculations were approximate. Only in the late 1980-ies a group of Soviet historians under the leadership of Colonel General Grigori Krivosheev was admitted to the General headquarters and the main headquarters of all branches of the Armed Forces. The result was the figure of 8 million 668 thousand 400 people, reflecting the loss of power structures of the USSR during the war.

Final figures of human losses of the USSR during the entire period of the great Patriotic war published by the state Commission, who worked on behalf of the Central Committee of the CPSU. 26.6 million people: this figure was announced at a ceremonial meeting of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR of 8 may 1990. This figure was unchanged, despite the fact that the methods of calculating the Commission has repeatedly called incorrectly. In particular, it was noted that the final figure includes collaborators, “HIVI” and other Soviet citizens who collaborated with the Nazi regime.

On a national basis

Counting the dead in the great Patriotican integrated war on a national basis for a long time no one did. Such an attempt was made by historian Michael * Filimoshin in the book “casualties of the Armed forces of the USSR”. The author noted that considerably complicated the work of the absence of a nominal list of killed, dead or missing, with the indication of origin. This practice is the report Card of term reports simply was not available.

Your data * Filimoshin was substantiated using the coefficients of proportionality, which is calculated on the basis of reports on the payroll of the soldiers of the red Army on the socio-demographic characteristics for 1943, 1944 and 1945. In this case, the researcher was unable to establish the nationality of approximately 500 thousand conscripts drafted in the first months of the war mobilization and missing on the way to the part.

it Should be noted that the author summed up only dead soldiers. According to research Filimoshin, so look the list of the most affected casualties of the peoples of the Soviet Union:

1. Russian – 5 million 756 thousand (66.402% of the total number of irrecoverable losses);

2. Ukrainians, 1 million 377 thousand (15.890%);

3. Belarusians – 252 thousand (2.917%);

4. Tatars – 187 thousand (2.165%);

5. Jews – 142 thousand (1.644%);

6. Kazakhs – 125 thousand (1.448%);

7. Uzbeks – 117 thousand (1.360%);

8. Armenians – 83 thousand (0.966%);

9. Georgians – 79 thousand (0.917%)

10. Mordva, and Chuvash – for 63 thousand (0.730%)

Demographer and sociologist Leonid Rybakovsky in the book “casualties of the USSR in the great Patriotic war” separately counts the civilian casualties with ethnic and demographic method. This method includes three components:

1. The deaths of civilians in areas of military action (bombing, shelling, punitive action, etc.).

2. Failure to return part of the Ostarbeiters and other populations voluntarily or forced to serve the invaders;

3. the increase in mortality in excess of normal levels of hunger and hardship.

According Rybakovsky, the Russians thus lost 6.9 million civilians, Ukrainians 6.5 million, Belorussians – 1.7 million

Alternative evaluation

Historians of Ukraine bring its reporting, which relate primarily to the losses of Ukrainians in the great Patriotic war. Researchers Square refer to the fact that Russian historians are certain stereotypes when counting casualties, in particular, they do not take into account the contingent corrective labour institutions, where a significant part of the dispossessed Ukrainians who are serving life replaced are sent to the penal company.

Head of the research Department of the Kiev “National Museum of the great Patriotic war of 1941-1945” Liudmyla Rybchenko refers to the fact that Ukrainian researchers have assembled a unique collection of documentary material on human military losses of Ukraine during the great Patriotic war, funerals, missing persons, correspondence search of the dead, books of accounting losses.

in Total, according to Rybchenko, has raised more than 8.5 thousand archival files in which about 3 million personal testimonies about the dead and missing soldiers, recruited from the territory of Ukraine. However, the Museum worker doesn’t pay attention to the fact that Ukraine was occupied by members of other nationalities, which could be included among the 3 million victims.

Independent of Moscow estimates of the number of losses during world war II lead and Belarusian experts. Some believe that a victim of Nazi aggression was every third person 9-million Belarus. One of the most authoritative researchers in this field is the Professor of the pedagogical University, doctor of historical Sciences Emmanuel Ioffe.

the Historian believes that only 1941-1944 killed 1 million 845 thousand 400 citizens of Belarus. From that figure he subtracts 715 thousand Belarusian Jewish victims of the Holocaust. Among the remaining 1 million 130 thousand 155 people, according to him, about 80% or 904 of thousands of people are ethnic Belarusians.

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