Smallpox in Moscow: Soviet artist brought a deadly disease

History 23/01/20 smallpox in Moscow: Soviet artist brought a deadly disease

according to the author of the book “Fundamentals of health law of the Russian Federation”, Mokhov A. A., thanks to vaccination, smallpox was completely eradicated in the USSR by 1936. Outbreaks continued to occur, but mostly in sparsely populated border areas. However, in 1959, smallpox still came to Moscow. The virus was brought to the capital of the famous Soviet artist Alexei Kokorekin.

well-Known poster artist in India

Alexei A. Kokorekin was born in 1906 in the town Sarikamis. As stated in the publication “the History of Soviet art: painting, sculpture, graphics” edited by B. V. Weymarn, Kokorekin moved to Moscow in 1929 after graduating from the Kuban pedagogical College. Almost immediately, the artist established himself as a talented portrait-painter. Ability Kokorekina appeared as it is impossible more by the way in the great Patriotic war. So, not surprising that in 1941 he began working at the military publishing house under the Main political administration of the Soviet army and Navy. Kokorekin took an active part in the production of a series of propaganda posters “TASS Windows”, which received widespread popularity in wartime.

it is Clear that the government appreciated the contribution of Alexei Kokorekina which he contributed his creativity to the defeat of Nazi Germany, so the artist continued to be encouraged after the victory. Not only that, Alexei twice, in 1946 and 1949, was the winner of the Stalin prize, he was sent, and in foreign missions. In 1959 Kokorekina entrusted to visit India. If you believe Victor Zuev, the author of the book “the many faces of the virus. Secrets of latent infections”, in India, Kokorekin witnessed the funeral of a brahmin who died from smallpox. The artist was so impressed by this sight that not only made sketches, but don’t holdAssisi concerned things of the deceased.

the mysterious Death of a patient

of Course, Alex Kokorekin not immediately felt unwell. This happened only when the artist returned to Moscow. Ilya Uverskie, author of “the Grandmaster and the Pearl. Faust XXI century. Before the Apocalypse,” writes that the artist had a mistress, which he visited before heading home to the family. Legal wife Kokorekin lied that arrive a day later. The man was generous and brought from India as gifts to his wife, and his secret passions. After some time, Kokorekin fell ill and was hospitalized at the Botkin hospital, where he died the next morning.

In a medical facility a correct diagnosis Kokorekina did not put, at least during his lifetime. According to Vladimir Golyakhovsky, author of the book “the way of the surgeon. Half a century in the USSR. Memories” similar, at first glance, the doctors explained by the fact that Alexei Kokorekin before the trip was obliged to undergo a course of vaccination. And the corresponding certificate of vaccination he had. However, the document turned out to be false: the artist was recently married to a young girl and believed that drugs would negatively affect its potency. But it turned out much later. Academician Rudnev and other Soviet specialists have long puzzled over what happened with the mysterious patient.

the elimination of the flash

Only after he died by two orderlies, who took Alexey Kokorekina to the Botkin hospital, doctors realized what was wrong. However, the time has already been lost: Kokorekin managed to get in contact with a large number of people, who in turn also were not in isolation. In addition, according to Anna and Sergey Litvinov, the authors of the book “the Wedding is off”, the wife and the mistress of Alexei Kokorekina took some of the Indian gifts at consignment shops. Finding those who could for one reason or another to get infected with the smallpox, took up the staff of state security.

However, as I write Marennikova S. S. and S. N. Beetles in the publication “Pathogenic for human orthopoxviruses”, a significant portion of cases still made up the medical staff Botkin hospital: a total of smallpox from Kokorekina infected 46 people. Lethal outcomes more were recorded. However, the authorities had taken urgent measures to eliminate the outbreak: in the period from 21 to 27 January 1960 doctors instilled 6 million 187 thousand Soviet citizens. Thanks for such promptness physicians mass epidemic was avoided.

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