SK started the investigation after the publication of the NHS about a large family, whose house was disconnected from electricity

Russia’s Investigative Committee for the Novosibirsk region organized a check after published articles on NGS about the power outage from the house of a large family Grayling.

— June 2, 2020 on one of the news sites published the information that a large family living in a private house in SNT “Cytologist” in Baryshevo village, Novosibirsk district, Novosibirsk region, cut off the electricity. The family reside four young children: two to ten years. The information reveals that the blackout occurred on 30 may 2020. Large family allegedly improperly paid for electricity and has accumulated a debt of one million rubles, because of this, the Chairman of the SNT illegally disconnected the house from the public power grid, thereby leaving the family with young children, without light, — the senior assistant administrator of SU of SK Anastasia Kuleshova.