World of showbiz, It seems to be tieneridool Shawn Mendes (21) for the air to go. His fan base continues to grow, and ‘Señorita’, a duet with his alleged ladylove Camila Cabello, he scored the hit of 2019 at the latest. But for every success to hear a negative side.

It has been a very good summer for Shawn Mendes. The young Canadian is a state with three hits in the first list of the most streamed songs of the previous three-month period. His duet with ‘Señorita’ by the Cuban-American Camila Cabello, was placed even at the top of the hit in 2019. The mystery of the (possible?) romance of Shawn and Camila, the success of the ‘Señorita’ are only available in the us.Their sensual performance at the recent VMA’s, where she’s just kissed, the emotions of the fans, high-explosion, and their co-nietesspelletje means of the press, on the vinkenslag. Only last week, and wanted to tieneridool to confirm that he is in a relationship. More or less, anyway. “I would have you really want to tell you, but I’m not the only long-term relationship, ” he said at a meet-and-greet with fans around the world. “However, there is another person involved. I decide to not be alone.” It’s a public flirting with Camila started in the beginning of July, and not long after that, after a year had made in her relationship with the 32-year-old Matthew Hussey. The singer volgdeShawn since then, throughout his tour, and had been talking about it on social media. They were even a few times, kissing can be spotted, but, with the admission that they were more than friends, they were not in their hands. Her and Camila were already ‘hot’. In 2015, they recorded a duet, ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ in her first collaboration release from Fifth Harmony, the girl group of which she was a member.

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