Celebrities, Sharon Osbourne is thrilled with her ” new ” face, but it was a challenge to her, too. The 67-year-old wife of Ozzy Osbourne told us, in The Kelly Clarkson Show, it’s mouth barely be felt since the surgery.

Sharon commented on in the show is back on its overhaul this past summer. “They had my mouth open the entire week after the surgery, I could feel my mouth anymore. To be honest, I feel like I have my mouth still, just barely.”

The tv presenter showed her new last month’s debut at the start of the tenth season of ‘The Talk’. “I’ve also had my neck done, and on to my face. The doctor has a sort of rubber band is used, and the rest is greatly to be lifted. As it is a lot fresher. The surgery went well, and I’m just suffering from a bit of pain here and there. In particular, under my chin, but you don’t have to whine when you’re such an intervention goes down.”