(Montreal) Former Canadian fashion mogul Peter Nygard is due to stand trial in Quebec for sexual assault in June 2024.

Nygard, 81, was not present Friday at the hearing in the Court of Quebec, in Montreal, to determine the dates of the trial, which will take place from June 10 to 18, 2024, before judge alone.

He faces one count of sexual assault and one count of forcible confinement, in connection with events that allegedly occurred in Quebec between November 1, 1997 and November 15, 1998, and which allegedly involve the same alleged victim.

Pending the start of the trial in Montreal next year, the parties will meet on April 4, 2024 for a hearing to determine whether certain documents that the accused has on his alleged victim can be admitted into evidence.

The founder of the defunct international ladieswear company Nygard International is currently being held in Toronto, where he is due to stand trial in September on similar charges.

At the end of this month, Nygard is also due in court in Manitoba to appeal an extradition order to the United States, where he faces charges of sex trafficking and racketeering, in New York.