The expert commission for dealing with the expropriation referendum invites you to a hearing of the experts on Thursday.

From the point of view of the opponents of the socialization plans, a delicate situation emerges: A majority of those to be heard speaks in favor of the successful referendum “Deutsche Wohnen

A total of seven experts have been invited to the hearing, four of them representing the interests of the expropriation initiative: The urban sociologist and short-term State Secretary for Urban Development Andrej Holm, referendum initiator Rouzbeh Taheri, Christoph Trautvetter, scientific officer of the “Tax Justice Network” and author of the study ” Who owns the city” on behalf of the Rosa-Luxemburg-Foundation and the head of the Berlin tenants’ association Reiner Wild, who also advocates the goal of a legally secure socialization of housing stocks.

In addition, Dirk Böttcher, head of the department for housing and rent policy in the Senate Department for Urban Development, the chairman of the board of investment bank Berlin, Hinrich Holm, and Harald Simons, board member of the research institute empirica ag, are to speak before the expert commission set up by the senate.

Björn Jotzo, spokesman for urban development for the FDP parliamentary group, criticized that the members of the “Commission of Experts” had “a strong bias”. “Above all, the Commission has failed to hear people who can answer the most important question, namely how the new apartments that Berlin will need in the next eight years can be created in an economically and financially sustainable way.” for the Berlin housing market.

Thursday’s hearing will be public and streamed live over the internet.