Belgian football cup, it is removed. For seven days, far took to Sporting Lokeren, with her first win of the season. it Was not a forfaitzege against Roeselare, but just be sure that it’s 2-0 and virtue, it will do so at the Daknam.

seven minutes in doubled-Sporting Lokeren her doelpuntentotaal of the season. Just after the half-hour when he kicked Van Damme in close to one another over Biebauw, which in later years Tirpan, a header by De Jonghe and cool down. Previously, it was also Hajric is already very close to score a goal, but his header was poorly directed. And Roeselare? So-called mja… and A screening of feel at home, and a free-kick from Camargo and then I would have. Really surprising that it is not. Last week, the West-Flemish people have gone bankrupt, so it is a usual preparation, and was not to be the case. The jeugdspelertjes were really… like boxing, because they were not allowed to play football. Only 25 hours before the kick-off, the liquidation process was revoked and it could be that the power button is on soccer, put. the Only in Belgium.