Oliegigant Saudi Aramco is expected that it will take weeks to months before the main part of the production problem has been resolved after a drone attack on two production sites. That report insider to the news agency, the international monetary Fund. Earlier, it was pointed out that the greater part of it within a few days to be restored that could be.

Aramco, the world’s leading exporter of crude oil in the world, and it is still working on a precise survey of the damage. The group expects that only about half of the capacity in a couple of days, it can be restored. The rest of it, it would last longer than that.

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the Oil facilities in Abqaiq, and Khurais, were on Saturday by several seconds to hit. In the field of Abqaiq, in the east of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the largest oil refinery in the world. The field in Khurais, between the capital Riyadh and the Persian Gulf, it is one of the most important oil fields in the country.