iHLN, Researchers from the BerlijnseSecurity Research Labs(SRLabs) have found a way to make users of smart speakers from Google and Amazon to get the runaround so that they can be played. The same technique can also be used for a “vishing” users through the stemcommado’s.

The veiligheidsonderzoekers have developed some of the first glance, innocuous add-ons for the savvy speakers on the Alexa (Amazon) and Google in the Home. Thus, considering for example that the extension is intended to be a one for you to read.

you can also Read that Google will once again join in with an Assistant (but with permission)

In reality, it does not affect the application, for example, after the reading of the position of the stars, or the fake error message, a long silence, and then a point of interception, follow these steps. Or in the application, it says after a few moments of silence, and that important updates are waiting, and asks for the password of the speaker is to speak. That way it would be malicious hackers from an unsuspecting speaker-owners to be able to listen to their scam.

SRLabs explained to the tech about the results. Amazon and Google’s promise of measures to prevent fraudulent apps from to keep.