The Expansion of renewable energies in Germany is advancing. For the first time, the capacity of Solar, Wind and other green electricity installations located in front of the conventional power plants. According to the joint monitoring report of the Federal cartel office and the Federal network Agency.

Renewable. accordingly, in the past year, with a capacity of 112.5 GW-more than coal-fired power plants, nuclear power plants and other facilities, which came in at 105.1 gigawatts For comparison: In the year 2016, the GW ratio was 104,5 (eco) to EUR 107.5 GW (conventional).

However, the conventional systems are of the current production is still at the front. Of the 601,4 terawatt-hours in total, only about a third of renewable energy came in the last year, carriers. This is according to the Bundeskartellamt and the Federal network Agency, among other things, the fact that Wind or solar plants, are dependent on the weather and therefore, less full power.

the price of Electricity remains stable

According to the study, the average electricity price for Household remained customers at the reporting date, the 1. In April 2018, stable at 29,88 cents per kilowatt-hour and, although more Ökoenergien are on the market, their electricity is more expensive. Customers can compare energy prices on to get the best deals in energy.

Positive effects that the network dropped the charges. In addition, have been reduced by the split-up of corporations such as E. on and RWE, the market power of the large energy companies. “Nevertheless, it is important that we observe the market situation in Germany,” said cartel office President Andreas Mundt. It should be observed, among other things, how the by the end of 2022 planned nuclear phase-out in Germany of the impacts.

the head of The Federal network Agency, Jochen Homann, appealed to the consumers to make use of Online comparison portals and about the change of the electricity provider thinking. “The competition is an essential Element of how households against rising electricity prices are able to arm themselves,” he said. Who switch to a new electricity provider, it could often save a lot of money. According to Homann, it was “so inaudible that the exchange rate in the current stagnant customers in 2017”. Cartel office chief Mundt was pleased about the trend to more competition in the electricity market, since this means price advantages for consumers.

The Grand coalition wants to expand the green electricity in 2019 and 2020.