ARCHIV - 28.06.2022, Großbritannien, Edinburgh: Königin Elizabeth II. nimmt am 28. Juni 2022 an einer Treueparade der Streitkräfte in den Gärten des Palastes von Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh teil. Die Queen wird in Schottland bleiben, wo sie ihre Sommerpause verbringt, um den scheidenden britischen Premierminister Johnson und seinen Nachfolger in der nächsten Woche zu empfangen. Foto: Jane Barlow/Pool PA/AP/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

Queen Elizabeth II will receive the new British head of government at her Scottish country estate in Balmoral.

The monarch will first welcome outgoing Prime Minister Boris Johnson for an audience next Tuesday and then his successor, the British news agency PA reported on Wednesday, citing a spokesman for Buckingham Palace. According to all polls, this is likely to be the current Secretary of State, Liz Truss.

During her time as a young politician with the Liberal Democrats, she spoke out in favor of the abolition of the monarchy. Truss now belongs to the arch-conservative wing of the Tory party and is a self-declared advocate of the monarchy.

The fact that the audience will take place at London’s Buckingham Palace at Balmoral Castle in the Scottish Highlands, where the Queen is currently spending her summer holiday, is extremely unusual. The decision should fuel concerns about the health of the 96-year-old.

The Queen had recently complained more about mobility problems and canceled her participation in public appearances several times.