Dan Isom, Interim Public Safety Director, on overdoses: “If you need assistance, there are services available.”

ST. LOUIS — On Monday, the public safety chief in St. Louis issued a warning about a potentially dangerous batch of fentanyl following the death of seven people in the same area.

According to The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, first responders were dispatched to the block of Forest Park Avenue at 1:20 AM Monday. Later, a man was declared dead from a suspected overdose.

Six people were killed and two more survived overdoses on Saturday in the 4300 block of Forest Park Avenue, in an area of St. Louis called the Central West End. Two firefighters who responded to the call were taken to a hospital with reactions to an unknown opioid.

Dan Isom, Interim Public Safety Director, stated that federal agents as well as police were working to identify the drug’s origin. Isom stated that he was worried about the distribution of the drug.

Isom stated that fentanyl, in particular, is addictive and can be deadly. There are many services available if you need it.