Prison, executions, and other ways of dealing with blood feuds in the USSR

Another 27/12/19 Prison, executions, and other ways of dealing with blood feuds in the USSR

the Blood feud — the concept heard everything. Without going into details of the reasons for such action may be noted that even today, the vendetta is fairly common in some countries. Not spared this list and Russia. But how this phenomenon fought know a few, so let’s try to understand the principles of punishment for blood feud in the example of the Soviet Union.

Revenge? Shoot!

the Amendment to the Criminal code of the RSFSR in 1931 was pretty tough — a murder motivated by blood feud was punished by execution. The reason for these initiatives has been the North Caucasus, including the territory of contemporary Dagestan and Chechnya. Earlier, by the way, in 1928, issue of the blood feud was already interested in, and in the Caucasus were even created special “reconciliation Commission” that tried to smooth over the hostility between people, families and clans. The result was negative, so I had to use more drastic measures.

the RSFSR criminal code in the wording of the 1950’s was a little more lenient punishment. Since that time the shooting was replaced by imprisonment up to 15 years, which, however, has put this crime on a par with murder for different reasons. According to the statistics of the homicide rate on the basis of blood vengeance in the Caucasus region amounted to 47% of all murders. This, of course, was not accepted to speak openly.

What now?

until the collapse of the Soviet Union in the Criminal code existed an article providing for imprisonment for evasion of reconciliation in cases of blood feud. The article carried the number 231 and is quite actively used on the territory of the North Caucasus. The criminal code of the new Russian state no longer contains even a hint of these facts, considering only the murder for pecuniary gain or without such.

today.ü not yet fully managed to get rid of such practices, but the facts are much smaller. The customs of the peoples of the Caucasus is quite established, although such habits of modern family has completely refused, hoping to help the state of justice. How effective it is — time will tell.

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