Police said that the girl was in the backseat of her 5-year-old sister. She was not injured.

An 8-year old girl was killed in a shooting incident that occurred in Phoenix, according to authorities. The incident happened after an altercation between her mother and her boyfriend.

Glendale officers responded to a ShotSpotter alarm, a gunshot detection device, shortly after midnight on Thursday, near 65th Avenue, Bethany Home Road. The Glendale Police Department stated that officers discovered a shell case on the street.

Ten minutes later, a woman called the police saying that someone had been shot and was being treated at a hospital.

Officers arrived at the hospital to discover that the girl had been shot several times and was dead.

Investigators believe that she was in a vehicle with her mother, her five-year old sister and their father. Just before shots began, they had driven to a parking lot near 6600 West Bethany Home Road in order to pick up their mother’s boyfriend.

Police said that the boyfriend and another man had spoken just as they arrived.

The boyfriend and his girlfriend got into the car with their two children and drove off. Police said that the suspect vehicle followed them as they drove away and opened fire.
The suspect vehicle fled the scene after the 8-year-old girl was hit. Authorities said that the mother drove to the hospital.
The vehicle contained no injuries to anyone else. Investigators did not know how many suspects were involved, and there was no description. The vehicle in question was described only as a sedan.