After the shots at police officers in Saarbrücken-Klarenthal, the alleged perpetrator was discovered lifeless in an apartment. The police announced this on Friday via Twitter.

Previously, he had shot a police officer. A spokesman for the police in Saarbrücken said he was being treated in the hospital but was not in mortal danger. Another officer was injured by flying glass fragments.

After the shot was fired, the shooter barricaded himself in his apartment and then shot specifically at the barrier and police vehicles, which arrived in the morning for a large-scale operation.

Authorities and police had previously noticed the shooter. The 67-year-old had already “appeared under police and weapon law,” said a spokesman for the Saarland Administrative Court on Friday in Saarlouis. Specifically, there were violations of the Weapons and War Weapons Control Act as well as violent and threatening offenses against the 67-year-old.

The police called on residents to stay in their homes. A person shoots out of the window in the Wilhelmstrasse area, the police said on Twitter. “Stay away from the location! Please stay in your houses and away from the windows!” The area had been cordoned off.

According to the police, the officers were on site in the morning to support the Saarbrücken city’s weapons authority as part of administrative and enforcement assistance. When the police officers and city employees arrived at the 67-year-old to search his apartment, the man shot the police officer, it said.

The weapons authority had arrived in the morning with a search warrant from the Saarland Administrative Court. According to the court spokesman, weapons and ammunition were to be secured from the man on Friday after his gun ownership card had been withdrawn “immediately”.

The employees of the weapons authority had come to him because he had indicated that he was not prepared to voluntarily return the weapons.