Po kirovskomu RAJJONU go legitamacy — they are sent to vote for amendments to incorrect addresses

the houses of the Kirov district of Novosibirsk began to walk legitamacy: they handed out to local residents brochure with the amendments to the Constitution and referred to the wrong date, time and place of voting for amendments.

— Wear brochurescma called the wrong station, where we vote, and say that the vote was only on 1 July, and at other times the plot will be nobody, — has told to the correspondent NGS the inhabitant of the house No. 56 down the street Zorge Irina Verezubova. — It is good that we use of phones can, and my first reaction was — I had two hours I could not calm down until I found out that the election Commission has nothing to do with making someone else don’t know who, they didn’t introduce themselves.