History 29/01/20 “Petrozavodsk phenomenon”: what happened in the skies of Karelia in 1977

the Cold war in the late 1970-ies made up of the filament. NATO pilots and then met in the air UFO, and Norwegian divers were chasing him in the depths of the fjords, hoping to catch a Soviet submarine. On the borders of the USSR for ten years, was shot down three of the spy aircraft, “Boeing-707” and two Iranian helicopters. Probably, from-for a nervous environment, the appearance in the night of 20 September 1977 over the city of Petrozavodsk unidentified object attracted the attention of not only ordinary people but also the military, and scientists.

This event is the Russian UFOlogy called “Petrozavodsk phenomenon” or first contact of Soviet people with aliens. “Contactees” in the distant 1977, were residents of the whole city: dispatchers, meteorologists, and even astronomers. Nevertheless, the story still causes many disputes.

What was it?..

According to witnesses, appeared that night on the streets, the sky above him appeared a glowing “jellyfish” object, from which came bright rays. He slowly flew over Petrozavodsk, frozen for some time, Cipla down bright sparks, and then changed shape, becoming a hemisphere, and sailed in the direction of lake Onega, hiding behind the clouds. After a few minutes in the clouds, there was a “window” through which fear the witnesses could see the crimson glow.

Witnesses passing over the city of unidentified object began a doctor of “ambulance”, V. Minkova and its driver, V. A. Belyaev. They were at that time at St. Anokhin, 37-6 home and saw a UFO not only hovered over the city, but also highlighted one of the rays car “fast”.

Soviet citizens learned about UFOs from the press. On September 23 published an article about an unusual phenomenon in the newspaper “socialist industry”. It caused a resonance not only among ordinary people but also among scientists. Into fashion, then come on inLa fiction, in which the Soviet people to establish contact with good aliens, and walked with them hand in hand to universal progress.

Too many scientists, witnesses,

Oil poured into the fire review of the chief Gidrometeoobservatorii Petrozavodsk Yuri Gromov, who was published September 24 in “Leninist truth”. Meteorologist recognized that UFOs really cruised over the city and the Observatory staff watched him, but the nature of this phenomenon unknown to them. Except for the UFO that night in the sky over Petrozavodsk was not noticed any anomalies.

Meteorologists Petrozavodsk was not alone in his observations. October 8, 1977, in the “Red flag” published an article about how a UFO was following three aerology and meteorologist with the weather station Sortavalskii: A. Soloviev, N. Egorychev, L. Abramenko and S. Babanina. They were at 193 km West of Petrozavodsk to the Town and saw a bright star that slowly rose in the northeast sky and flew to the southwest. Around the glowing object was a bright ellipse. Aerology even claimed that he could see the side lights when the object was in the sky above them, they flashed for a moment and went out. Then the UFO stopped above the Town and fired down a beam, which soon disappeared. The glow around the object went out and it slowly went North.

Surprisingly, the UFO was observed by one scientist, A. P., Novozhilov, member of the Institute of ozerovedeniya. It was in Karelia on a business trip, and he had to spend the night at the bus stop near the village of kurkieki. First, he decided that the sky flashed a meteor, but then saw that it was moving glowing object in the form of an airship with a diameter of about 15 meters with a number of bright portholes.

the Airship was at a height of 500 meters above the ground, and fear Novozhilov even crouched to the ground. His testimony added out of the ordinary incident of bright colors: UFOs for some time hung over the road, and then he separated the “hook” that landed behind the forest. About the same dialector two local resident who joined Novozhilov at the bus stop. Together, they even climbed the hill to get a better look at the glow on the landing.

Saw a UFO and the employee of Petrozavodsk state University A. G. Mezentsev. He watched the sky with the theodolite, and calculated that the UFO was at an altitude of six kilometres above.

But of particular interest to the people was the information published in the journal “aviation and cosmonautics” in August 1978. It turns out that during the flight a UFO crashes occurred in the work of the computers in all computer centers of Karelia.

Science did not answer

All this has caused concern for the authorities. After reports in the media, the phenomenon caught the interest of the Chairman of the KGB Yuri Vladimirovich Andropov. At the Institute for space research was immediately convened, which resulted in the creation of the special Commission on incident investigation, led by astrophysicist Lev Gindilis.

Local residents tried to reassure the stories that everything that happened is only a result of the burned-out stage of the rocket. Indeed, September 20 at 4:01 launch site Plisetsky was launched. However, scientists were not sure that the point is it.

it Quickly became clear that UFOs were seen not only in Karelia, it was observed by the Finnish air traffic controllers, astronomers at Pulkovo and Geophysics under Lehti.

In the end formed the basic version, which stated that over Karelia fly multiple UFO’s – or to explain the testimony of the people was impossible. But ordinary people remained confident that the night above them, conducted an experiment of the Soviet military, which tested a new weapon that causes hallucinations, visions and the feeling of fear.

In the report sent up, the scientists pointed out that the case of UFOs associated with the optical phenomena in the upper atmosphere due to the launch of the electronic reconnaissance satellite “Cosmos-955”. But in fact, to explain the nature of UFOs, nobody could.

Due to the phenomenon of UFOs in 1979 in the USSR appeared first UFO organizationsia. It was called “the Section on the middle search for extraterrestrial civilizations by means of radio and electronics” and was in Moscow. Lasted, however, it is not long: it was liquidated. Although it is in several cities of the Soviet Union opened the centre for the study of anomalous phenomena.

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