Two In the Saneveldstraat in Budingen is a one-year belgian Malinois Vaiko who died of rat poison in the garden. The owners Agneta Roggemans, and Peter De Bondt know in their house, not to stay. “Our ten-year-old son, He was Vaiko on Saturday died in a pool of blood. What a coward to do such a thing? We will most certainly file a complaint with the police, and would like to ask the people in Budingen warn you!”

Agneta, and Peter noticed on Saturday that their dog is Vaiko is short of breath, and the blood ophoestte. “We were immediately taken to the vet for an examination. It immediately became clear that there was malicious intent in the game. Vaiko could have been poisoned, and that’s when the blood in the lungs, and the stomach up. The vet can be added to a coagulating medium, and gave it a spray with an antibiotic. But even at home, we saw Vaiko did not really improve. Out of concern we went to the animal hospital of sint-truiden had been. There, they took blood and it was Vaiko, vitamin K, high doses are administered. He was just allowed to come with us to the house. A blood transfusion was not required. Since he is so young, he would have to get through. It was our son, who is Vaiko a few hours after death, found in a pool of blood.”