On the wall of a cinema hall

Artist decided to draw on the wall of a cinema “Sinema” graffiti with the image of a Cannes lion.

Alena Ivashko — graffiti-artist, head of school graffiti MAGNOLIAS. She said that the figure will be ready for next Monday.

— for more than 10 years, I draw graffiti and educate others. Recently received an order for the project from the “Enemy”. I otrisovka more sketches depicting Cannes lion, revived him, asked the dynamics of the image. The graffiti depicted a lion that jumps out of a film. Also in the middle I placed the name “Cinema”, with the inscription depicted the special glasses, in which viewers watch movies. Even in the song can be found with a firecracker, which is used on the set, and flood lights, — told the correspondent NGS Alena Ivashko.