On the pavement in the square of Marx have pedestrian crossings there were red inscriptions

Today, August 6, in Novosibirsk, the volunteers struck on the pavement before the crossing of Karla Marksa square warning labels, made of bright red paint. They appeared before the passage of an unfinished building trading-office complex “Sunflower”.

At the event, except two girls-volunteers were three traffic police.

Today the girls were two inscriptions: “Tune your phone” and “Take a child by the hand.” As explained by one of the volunteers Ilona Gryaznova, in addition, it is planned to draw on the asphalt of the phrase “Get off the bike”, “Read on the opposite side”, as well as signs depicting a cyclist, a leading bike next (as the rules prescribe when crossing the road), the crossed-out wheeled phone, etc.