Nikolay Kuznetsov: why Soviet spy called the executioner invaders

Heroes 02/01/20 Nikolai Kuznetsov: why Soviet spy called the executioner invaders

the First cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin spoke about this man: “a form of vigilante Nikolai Kuznetsov was always an example for me of infinite service to his people and to his country, humanity and progress.” Legendary scout of the great Patriotic war Nikolay Kuznetsov for 16 months subversive activities under the guise of Lieutenant Paul Wilhelm Siebert eliminated more than a dozen high-ranking representatives of occupation authorities of Nazi Germany.

the Peasant nugget

Until recently, many facts of the biography of the fearless spy, the liquidator of Nikolai Ivanovich Kuznetsov was hidden under a signature stamp “confidentially”, and today there remains a lot of white spots. However, from the available information it is obvious that it was a real nugget.

birthplace of hero of the Soviet Union into a large peasant family in the village Zyryanka present Sverdlovsk region. At birth he was given the name Nicanor, but his name was Nika, so in 1931 he changed the name to Nicholas. After seven years of school and years in the Tyumen agricultural College, throw which forced the plight of the family after his father’s death, Kuznetsov arrives in Talitsky forest College, simultaneously being fond of studying the German language. Nicholas found a unique linguistic abilities. He possessed in perfection six German dialects, easily masters also Polish, Ukrainian, Komi-Permyak, and Esperanto.

In unit

according to the biographer of Theodore Gladkov, have a talent for languages, as well as for courage when participating in collectivization, when the peasants attacked the raids, the Soviet intelligence services and drew attention to Nikolai Kuznetsov. Not hurt even a tainted biography. Kuznetsov twice flew from the Komsomol neRWY times in 1929, on charges of “white guard, the kulak origin”, the second time after a year later was sentenced to a year of corrective labor for indirect involvement in the PostScript with the purpose of plundering that occurred in the forest management of the party. This is despite the fact that Kuznetsov was the man who informed on fellow plunderers of the police.

However, closing the eyes to these circumstances, and even using them in the interests of counterintelligence in the implementation of Nikolai Kuznetsov in circles “anti-Soviet elements”, the NKVD actively recruits new agent to work. Under the codename “Kulik” Nikolay Kuznetsov 1932 participates in the actions of the OGPU Komi-Perm Autonomous district to eliminate the insurgent groups.

In 1934, officially working in Sverdlovsk cristovam statistician, Kuznetsov secretly serving in counter-intelligence under the codename “the Scientist”. Then it is assigned a Callsign of “Colonist”, and under the guise of razzakovich design Bureau of Uralmashzavod he leads the rapid development of foreign experts. In four years of service routing agent Kuznetsov traveled all over the Urals.

In the late 1930s Kuznetsov gets a passport in the name of Rudolf Schmidt and implemented in the Moscow diplomatic environment, intercepting diplomatic mail, participating in recruitment of staff and taking part in various counter-intelligence operations.

the Storm executioners-invaders

the Service in the counter intelligence turned out to be only a preparatory step to these exploits. With the beginning of the great Patriotic war Nikolay Kuznetsov starts in the 4th Department of the NKVD under the command of P. A. sudoplatova and actively preparing for getting to the rear of the fascist Western Ukraine under the guise of Lieutenant Paul Wilhelm Siebert, who actually died during the battle of Moscow.

For reliability Kuznetsova for a few months placed in a pow camp at Krasnogorsk, where he’s adapting, mastering the intricacies of German military vocabulary and relationships different types of enemy troops, studying the habits of German officers. After completion of special training Nikolay Kuznetsov begins intelligence activities in the occupied Ukrainian city of Rivne in the composition of the partisan detachment “Winners” commander Dmitry Medvedev.

the Scout successfully extracts information from officers of the Wehrmacht and members of the Nazi bureaucratic elite. The most valuable steel transferred Kuznetsov information about the secret field Hitler’s headquarters “Wolfsan” (“Wolf’s lair”) under the winery, and a plan of attack, prepared by the Germans during the Tehran conference against the leaders of the countries-participants of anti-Hitler coalition, Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill.

But the main mission of the Nikolai Kuznetsov become acts of retaliation. From 25 August 1942 to 8 March 1944, Kuznetsov eliminated 11 high-ranking Nazis, among whom were the executioner of the Ukrainian people, the chief German judge Funk, General Whip, Vice-Governor of Galicia Bauer, Vice-Governor of Lviv waechter and others. By thrown Kuznetsov anti-tank grenades was seriously injured and lost both legs permanent Deputy Reichskommissar of the Ukraine Erich Koch, Paul Dargel.

the Koch Kuznetsov also twice prepared attempt, but it was the only case when the scout failed. In late winter 1944, Nikolai Kuznetsov died heroically near Lviv by Bandera. According to one version, he Kuznetsov blew himself up with a grenade so as not to surrender alive.

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