Since the end of the last legislative period, there has been no migration advisory board in Neukölln. Now, after some back and forth, especially about the last advisory board, the district office appointed the new members on Tuesday.

In the future, 20 associations and initiatives will again advise the district office in all areas relating to the participation and integration of Neuköllner:innen with a migration history.

According to the district office, 32 organizations had applied for one of the seats each. “Every day, the diversity of migrant and diaspora self-organisations in Neukölln shows how strongly and independently they promote peaceful coexistence and help shape our country,” said District Mayor Martin Hikel (SPD).

And further: “The new Participation Act makes it possible for self-organizations in particular to be represented on the advisory board. The Advisory Board should therefore primarily be your Advisory Board.”

In the past there had been discussions in particular about the participation of political representatives on the advisory board. With the new Participation Act, their participation has now been newly regulated: It provides for a restructuring of the committees and, in particular, for greater representation of civil society. The following organizations are members of the new advisory board:

– AFROTAK TV cyberNomads – Al-Huleh e.V. – Amaro Foro e.V. – Aufbruch Neukölln e.V. – CHANCE – Education, Youth and Sport BJS gGmbH – German-Arab Center for Education and Integration (DAZ) – IBBC e.V. – ImPULS e.V. – MaDonna Mädchenkult.Ur e.V.– MINCE e.V.– MORUS 14 e.V.– Phinove e.V.– QuilomboAllee– Sivasli Canlar e.V.– Straw e.V.– Tamil Cultural Center e.V.– TIO e.V.– To Spiti – Diakoniewerk Simeon gGmbH– Yekmal e.V.– Zaki – Education and Culture e.V.