History 29/01/20 “Moscow says”: why in the beginning of the war in the USSR confiscated all radios

Before world war II Amateur radio was one of the most popular Hobbies in the Soviet Union, although each receiver in the country subject to registration and he had to pay a monthly fee. However, after 22 June 1941, the use of radios was banned.

Neither reception nor transmission

On many wartime pictures depicted people who collectively listen to the Sovinformburo from street loud-speakers or radios wired in a special communication nodes. Listen to the radio at home, self-tuning in frequency to the citizens in time of war was forbidden.

One of the first activities after the start of the great Patriotic war was the virtual elimination of the Amateur radio movement. 25 June 1941 the Council of people’s Commissars of the USSR issued a decree “On the surrender of a population of radio receiving and transmitting devices.” As explained in the document “radio receivers and transmitters can be used by enemy elements in order, directed to the detriment of the Soviet regime.” The appropriate notification received by all registered subscribers, in particular, the paper warned that “failure would be addressed by the laws of war”. Simply put, for insubordination could end up in the GULAG.

at that time in the possession of the Soviet Union there were more than 1 million radios. The owners were ordered within five days to bring their “temporary storage” in the local bodies of people’s Commissariat of communication (ie mail). Some of the seized vehicles may have been converted for the army and the guerrilla movement.

meanwhile, the authorities abolished the numerous clubs and classes radiokonstruktor when Osoaviahima, in schools and colleges. In July, ceased production of the trade magazine “Radiofront”. “In connection with the circumstances of military timeno” came only 11 rooms instead of 24.

the Measure seemed justified. For example, in the Baltic military district “spies of the enemy”, as noted in the command order of 23 June 1941 in the first days of the war began to spread among the population of “false rumors”, using including the radio.

however, the fear of enemy propaganda was exaggerated. In the Third Reich had no idea of the real level of development of Amateur radio in the USSR. The Nazis believed that in addition to the wired radio from the population practically nothing. Therefore, propaganda radio stations in Russian language in the office of Joseph Goebbels did not appear until the very end of the war, which of course played into the hands of the Soviet command.

Called to the front of the hams, in fact, already possessed military specialty. From yesterday’s “hams” was a brilliant military communications-radio operators. As recalled by one of the commanders of armies of communication experienced hams have entrusted the most important parts of the work.

the Revival of Amateur radio

By the end of the war risks of using radio enemy came to naught. To return to the population of receivers in the USSR began on March 14, 1945.

two days before the Victory, on may 7, 1945, in connection with the 50th anniversary of the invention of Alexander Popov in the Soviet Union for the first time celebrated the Day of radio, established “to promote the achievements of Russian science and technology in the field of radio and promoting Amateur radio amongst the General population.” In may, also earned the first post-war Amateur radio section, for example, in Sverdlovsk school of communication. Soon after the Soviet Union, there were already 96 radio clubs.

reappeared periodicals for Amateur radio. In 1946 he published the first issue of the magazine “Radio”. “Well, to what do well after a long break back on the air!” – glee, wrote in the pages of hero of the Soviet Union, the polar Explorer Ernst Krenkel, who received the USSR’s first post-war licensed for personal radioscansUW.

In the Soviet Union resumed the manufacture and sale of radios. For example, in 1946 they were released about 300 thousand. But a lot more the first time was captured spacecraft, taken by the red army from Europe.

Timur Sagdiyev

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