Lounge on the benches: where in Novosibirsk during a pandemic to eat in the restaurant or cafe (crowd is having lunch)

Already in summer heat, and people poured into the street, despite the orders of the local authorities and coved statistics. And those restaurateurs who have the opportunity, attempting to capitalize on this now, not waiting until officials adopt new rules of the game. Impromptu summer terraces occur here and there. And sometimes in such areas as crowded as a year ago. Explorer NGS Stas Sokolov went to a couple of the most prominent foci of this “shumoizolyatsionnogo of depravity.”

People have long been out of isolation (even those who complied with). They go to work (and just for), the streets are full of people in the parks (standing to leave the police) it is difficult to find a free bench. And after a massive folk festivals on may 9 any talk about the need to stay home and does sound like nonsense. And naturally, restaurateurs, and lost a lot of money (no they are not reimbursed a penny), trying to get back to work, that is, by hook or by crook.