History 13/02/20 “Let the Communists get angry” why Prague want to erect a monument to Vlasov

recently in Prague are lively discussions around the two projects related to the monuments to participants of the Second world war. More and more voices calling in favor of the dismantling of the monument to the commander of the 1st Ukrainian front of Ivan Konev. In may 1945, Soviet troops under his command liberated the capital of occupied Czechoslovakia in the successful Prague offensive operations. The losses were about 1000 soldiers and officers. A few years ago the sculptural composition was added a sign with “clarifying information”. It says that the Marshal Konev participated in the preparation of the invasion of the armed forces sotsbloka to eliminate the Prague spring in 1968.

Who in the Czech Republic is against Konev and Vlasov

a Significant review has been the contribution of the commander in the purification of Prague from the Nazis. Increasingly popular in the Czech Republic gaining the assertion that the city actually released the so-called Vlasov – members of the collaborationist formations under the overall guidance of the General-the traitor Andrey Vlasov, who was captured and defected to Nazi Germany. Supposedly they made the people of Prague once again free, and the Red army came to “all ready” and arrogated to himself the laurels of the winner, while the true heroes were doomed to suffering.

the Most notable proponent of perpetuating the memory of Vlasov in the Czech Republic is the mayor of Reporyje, a small district on the outskirts of Prague, Pavel Novotny. This official on a local scale I’m sure that the monument should stand here, because in the midst of the events of may 1945 in Reporyje, then still a separate town, was a sort of bet. In a small building Vlasov commander of the 1st infantry division of the armed forces Committee of the liberation of the peoples of Russia (TONR) Sergei Bunyachenko was agreed a plan of action. The outcome of the campaign to that point was already very clear. Therefore, Vlasov decided to turn their weapons against their allies the Germans to “bargain” for himself more advantageous terms for future delivery. Collaborators hoped that the grateful locals “will say to them a word” to Americans.

What ACPD did Prague

Actively support any initiative in favor of the monument to Vlasov Novotny, a former tabloid journalist, has already become famous on Russian TV due to participation in the political show. This person likes to appear in the frame of his bare chest, showing his big belly. Novotny constantly insulting Konev on all available media platforms and catches the buzz from the angry reaction of the audience. In his efforts the mayor was not alone.

Many subscribers in social networks quite share his views and, at least on the Internet, I agree to fight together with the “Soviet-Russian occupation”. Monument is Konev for the public a kind of watershed that defines “their” and “foreign”. They hardly know much about Vlasov and his supporters. But the monument dedicated to Russian collaborators you want to annoy today’s Moscow. Novotny has repeatedly promised that in 2020, the monument will stand where the “slept Vlasov and Bunyachenko”. The official said that the Communists in the Czech Republic and abroad after the opening of the sculpture “sit in a puddle”.

At the same time to deny the role of parts of ACPD in the battle of Prague as silly as questioning the contribution of Marshal Konev at the liberation of Czechoslovakia and throughout Eastern Europe. The historical context of events is as follows: at the beginning of may 1945, the 1st division ACPD headed Bunyachenko marched to the South of Prague in the direction of Austria. There was supposed to gather all the remaining forces of the collaborators and to discuss further action. Learning about the movement of large military contingent, members of the Resistance from Prague asked Vlasov come to their aid.

Those Czechs who have not been associated with the Communists, proposed Bunyachenko to join the joint struggle against fascism and communism. In the city I began an uprising against the occupiers. Meeting at the headquarters of the 1st division of the ACPD did not last long. The collaborators decided to improve its reputation as a “heroic action”. In case of establishment in the liberated Czechoslovakia’s Pro-Western democratic regime Bunyachenko and his associates hoped to achieve in this country for political asylum. Therefore, the order of the German commandant of Prague on the return to the front was Vlasov ignored.

Why failed ideas of the collaborators

the Morning of may 6 advanced units of the 1st division ACPD joined the battle with the Germans at the Prague suburbs. Inferior in numbers to the garrison of the Wehrmacht could not have a significant resistance, so the Vlasov successfully entered the city, occupying southern, South-Western and Western regions. In the morning of may 7, Bunyachenko gave to their parts orders on a large-scale transition to the offensive. The document said: “we Need to take Prague for the salvation of our brothers Czechs”.

However, in a day, in the night of may 8, Bunyachenko had to withdraw his division from Prague. The city was going to storm troops of the 1st Ukrainian front. It did not promise anything good Vlasov. Their calculation on the arrival in Prague of Americans did not materialize.

According to another version, the Vlasov failed to find consensus with the leaders of the Prague uprising – this was the main reason for their premature departure. Without the 1st division of the ACPD and its arms to the rebels was very hard. Nevertheless, given the transience of the participation of the faithful Bunyachenko people in the operation, their loss was quite substantial. About 200 Vlasov died. About as many were injured of varying severity. Fatal for them was accommodation in Prague hospitals. After taking a city the soldiers broke into the house and shot the Vlasov on the spot. If you take into account materials of the Czech isslediately, in Prague and surrounding area was executed by 600 soldiers ACPD.

In fact, a death sentence to these people was issued at the Yalta conference with the participation of Joseph Stalin, Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill in February 1945. According to the decision, all fought on the side of Nazi Germany, Soviet citizens were extradited to the USSR. August 1, 1946, Vlasov and Bunyachenko other commanders ACPD executed in Moscow.

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